Friday, January 15, 2021

Linebreakers NCAA Basketball Picks For Jamuary 15 2021

 Selecting teams against the Las Vegas odds has taken on a new challenge.  With the Covid

Virus in our midst, it has caused teams to lack consistency  when they may be dealing with

schedule issues.  That, along with with players may not be available on a given night, has caused a nightmare for coaches.  With all to take into consideration, we will once again offer to the best of our knowledge and statistics to select the best looking games of the day,


Cleveland State     + 9,5     over     Wright State

Fresno State     +6.5     over     Nevada Reno

Wisconsin     - 2.5     over     Rutgers

St, Bonaventure     - 8.0     over     Duquesne

GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!

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