Friday, May 15, 2020

Sports Tidbits May 15 2020...NFL Players...Pitt Basketball

Just posting a couple sports related items.  helps in being a little optimistic that maybe we are getting closer to normality.

DeAndre Baker..NY Giants CB and Quinton Dunbar..CB Seattle Seahawks have been charged with armed robbery in Florida.  It appears that  the incident took place after Baker and Dunbar lost approximately $70000 the night before while gambling.  Baker who makes over $900000/yr after receiving a 1.4 million dollar signing bonus and Dunbar reportedly to receive 3.5 million this year after being obtained from Washington feel they do not have enough to stuff their pockets.  While so many in this country are out of work and receive unemployment or maybe nothing at all, these 2 fools
feel they can do whatever they want.  After all, they are our kids role models of the future.  Baker played at Georgia and Dunbar played at Florida, so one can only hope that they are not examples of the Southeast Conference culture.

I read today an article about  Pitt basketball not scheduling to play cross town rivals Duquesne once again this year.  According to sources, this has been a Pittsburgh rivalry game for decades.  Duquesne wanted the game scheduled and even agreed to play on Pitts home court, but Pitt declined. After many sub par seasons, Duquesne appears to be heading in a positive direction with a brighter future ahead.  Could Pitt be afraid of the Dukes?  After all, Pitt has been known to pad their schedule with
patsies before entering ACC play.  Pitt has a great coach in Capel, so one might think that his services would be served at a much better program than at Pitt.


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