Monday, April 8, 2019



If one believes in fate and fate alone, then Virginia would have
to be their selection in this championship game.  Let's be honest.
not many teams double dribble their way into the NATIONAL
CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.  With only one game to be played,
you can be sure that the odds makers have the line on the game
as tight as possible.  Some gamblers will flip a coin, some will favor
what team color or mascot they like best.  The true loyalist will
support their team no matter what.  For us, we have no particular
team to cheer or root for, so out selection is strictly based on numbers
as we have done all season.

All being said:

TEXAS TECH     + 1.5     OVER     VIRGINIA

GOOD LUCK TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ProXBetting said...

No matter which way I kooloo at that game I had TexTech winning, winning, winning

supa trupa 89 said...

That was a hard one to call. If I had money on Texas Tech I'd be stark crazed mad right now

DCWager$ said...

I was all in on that one! Tech could've had it if they didnt take and miss the unnecessary 3 to force OT

Endri_Frasheri said...

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