Sunday, April 7, 2019


With 6 tenths of a second. a foul was called against Auburn
that allowed Virginia to go to the foul line and attempt 3
foul shots.  Being 3 points behind, Virginia player made all 3
attempts to pull out a 63-62 win.  With 6 tenths of a seconds left
in the game, it was a gutsy call by the official, but it was the correct
call.  Unfortunately for Auburn, it was the double dribble non call
that was missed by the official.  In other words, the final 3 foul shots
should never had taken place.  Auburn would have had the ball, with a 2 point
lead and hardly any time left on the clock.  Officials are human and calls are missed,
but at this time of the year and the National Championship on the line, a simple
double dribble call should never be missed.  Virginia owes that official an enormous
thank you.


Forman Mike said...

AGREED. That was one of the worst foul ups I seen in a while at that stage of the tournament

shotcaller said...

If they ain't quick enough to see a double dribble they ain't quick enough to ref the game

JOE VEGA said...

My blood pressure is still high from that call. Glad they covered though

Ian T. said...

Awful call. Virginia shouldn't have been in the last game let alone win the tournament