Thursday, January 3, 2019


We are now down to two teams that will decide the National
Championship for this years college football season.  First, we
will take a look at what was supposed to be the best four teams
in the country.  Many may dispute who were the best and in some
ways, I would not disagree.


# 1     Alabama........No dispute on this team.  They are solid on both sides of
                                 the ball.

# 2     Clemson........No disputing this team as well.   Solid offense and defense.

# 3     Notre Dame...Highly overrated.  Not a top four team.  Most embarrassing
                                 to play in the Semis. Maybe they should finally join a

# 4     Oklahoma.......One of the best offenses in the country, but no defense to
                                  go with it.  A top four team and better than Notre Dame.


Alabama had no problems in handling Oklahoma's defense.  This was expected.
Against the highly rated Oklahoma offense,  the Tide did a decent job.  Overall the win
over the Sooners was impressive. Just shy of covering the 14 point spread.

Clemson had no trouble with overrated Notre Dame.  At 11 point favorites, the
Tigers made this game look like a total mismatch.

Both Clemson and Alabama are very good teams.  It is hard to get a real good
read as to how good each will be as they take on one another.  A good win for Alabama
and a blowout for Clemson makes the comparison a little difficult.
Early Vegas line has Alabama as 5.5 favorites.  With the line under a TD, Alabama
is more than capable of covering, but by all means, do not count Clemson out.
Look for our official pick on game day.

In the meantime. we welcome all opinions from our followers.


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Ledaynian J said...

I agree on ND, they be playin out there ass all season andd it finally caught them