Monday, February 19, 2018


I watched 2 top teams play one another last Saturday on ESPN.  One team attempted 35 foul
shots in that game compared to just 2 for the other team.  The team shooting the most foul shots was also the home team in this game.  GUESS WHO WON THE GAME?
The home team made 26 of those 35 attempts while the visitors were 1 out of 2.
If you guessed that the home team won that game, then YOU WERE RIGHT.
The winning margin of the game was 8 points.  There is one referee who is particularly bad
(HIGGINS) with another one not much better (DeRosa)  So much for the officials once again playing to the home crowd.  They must want to be loved.  Maybe better yet, they should just retire
from officiating altogether.


Demascus777 said...

Interesting and very accurate point.It looks like thats one of the largest foul attempt margins since they've been keeping stats, atleast from what I could find

nateOspades said...

I'd like to know if these refs get bonuses for crummy officiating. my guess is they probably do

teej29 said...

they should be a little more discrete when they throw games. 35 to 2 free throws is not discrete