Monday, January 15, 2018


After trading,starting pitcher, Gerrit Cole a few days ago to the Houston Astros, the Pirates have unloaded another one of their regulars. Andrew McCutchen is now a San Francisco Giant.  Every few years the Pirates go through the same process in using young players a few years and after that time unload them after the player had gotten some notoriety.  It is almost like a training ground for younger players to develop and then be cast aside to another team.  The reason???  What else but money.  The Pirates are cheap and will now start using younger players at a loss less money.  The sad part is that the organization will try to hype the upcoming team and expect fan support to spend their money to watch a group of average players.  I would not be surprised to see their highly touted 2nd baseman, Josh Harrison to be the next Pirate finding a new home.  He fits the mold in that he is a proven player and one that the Pirates probably do not want to pay a higher salary to.  Good teams get good players by not being afraid to spend money, but once Pittsburgh has good players, they will get rid of them.   If the Pittsburgh fans are willing to spend their money to see an average at best team represent them, then I say go for it.  JUST DO NOT EXPECT TO CHEER FOR A CONTENDER


RealLouSlugger said...

I'm not a Pirate's fan but it's easy to see the problems they've had with owners over the past decade

T Kendall 87 said...

Ya when an ownr publicly says that fans will be upset but hopes theyll still go out to the ballpark, u kno ur team got ownership issues

Kurt31880 said...

When many teams will do whatever it takes to get your player, its probably a good idea to hold onto that player