Sunday, June 4, 2017


Over the last few years, Phil Mickelson has cut back on his tour schedule.  One main reason was to spend more time with his family.  Phil certainly does not need the money so he is able to pick and choose which tournaments he prefers to play in.  There is nothing wrong with being with the family more, but maybe there is some indication that Phil is also losing his competitive spirit.  Less playing time produces less wins especially going against so many young and hungry golfers on the tour today.
Mickelson announced that he is withdrawing from this months US Open so he can attend his daughters high school graduation.  While he is to be commended as being a devoted dad, this is another indication that Phil's spirit of competition continues to decline.  After all, the US Open is one of the four majors and most golfers would never consider passing on a major event.So in summary, what do we have about, Phil Mickelson??

Phil Mickelson:   Professional golfer and devoted family man.
Phil Mickelson:   Losing his competitive spirit for the pro tour.

PREDICTION:   Phil Mickelson will not win another major golf tournament.
                            Phil Mickelson will not win another regular men's tournament.

Senior Tour is available to him in 3 years so maybe some of that spirit will be rejuvenated.

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