Saturday, May 27, 2017


From time to time a few things come up from the world of sports or maybe just things in general that we feel the need to comment on.  As always, we welcome every ones opinion.

COLIN KAEPERNICK........One NFL QB without a team.  Since the San Francisco 49 ers showed no interest in maintaining Kaepernick for the upcoming 2017 season. there has been little interest from other teams to seek his services. To be fair however, Kaepernick decided to opt out of his contract with San Francisco which would have paid him about 15 million if San Fran had decided to retain him.  Many feel that NFL teams are shying away from Kaepernick after he refused to stand during the playing of the National Anthem prior to a game last season.  Many also feel that there is collusion between the NFL owners. Maybe both are true and in many cases I do not necessarily agree  with things owners do with some decisions, although there is one bottom line issue to consider.....It is the owners money that is being spent and as an owner, they have the right to decide how they want that money invested.  As an American citizen, Kaepernick has every right to protest on any topic he sees fit, but I question whether he has that right to do it at his owner's place of employment (THE FOOTBALL FIELD) while  wearing the uniform of the organization that employs him.  In other words, protest all you want, but take it some place else.  The same would apply to all of us. Maybe owners do not want players protesting on the field on game day or maybe many do not feel Kaepernick is worth the the money.  Last year, Kaepernick had a QB rating of 55.2 that would put him # 23 out of 30 QB s, Many might feel theses kind of numbers are not worth 15
 million or whatever Kaepernick thinks he is worth.  As an owner I might want more for my money.

LONZO BALL.......UCLA basketball player completed his freshman season and now has opted for the NBA draft.  Ball is considered to be a first round pick and no doubt has the talent to possibly have a future in the NBA.  Although his talent is not so much a question, Lonzo Ball has one major problem..HIS FATHER LAVAR BALL.  LaVar has already deemed his son as being better than Michael Jordan.  This is something I did not make up and father Ball Has gone further to make enormous demands as to where his son will play and what his worth should be.  Father Ball wanted an exclusive multi million dollar deal from the likes of Nike or Adidas to manufacture basketball shoes promoted with Lonzo's name on them.  Those companies declined so entrepreneur, Father Ball
found some source to make the shoe and will go on the market for a cool $495.00.  Imagine you would have the wonderful opportunity to purchase this shoe that has the name of a young unproven NBA hopeful and pay much more than one that has the name of Michael Jordan on it.  Once again, I am not making this up.  Father Ball has already stated that Lonzo will only play for the LA Lakers and it will be up to that organization to make it happen which of course will carry a large guaranteed contract.  Ball has already declined working out for the Boston Celtics as he sets his sights only on the Lakers.  As an owner of a NBA team, I might question how much I would really want to get involved with this kid despite his talent.  Point being, by drafting Lonzo Ball, you not only get him but you get the enormous baggage and annoying issues that will come with him. HIS FATHER.
Personally as an owner, I would pass on this young unproven player and take my chances with someone that does not include the burden of a greedy, dictating father.

TIGER WOODS.......Recently has his 4th back surgery.  Woods states the he definitely wants to get back on the tour to compete, but it will be at least another two to three months before he can even
pick up a club again.  Future is not very bright at this time, but maybe by the time he is eligible for the Senior Tour, the back issues will be behind him.

PAULA CREAMER.......Whatever happened to Paula.  No one sees her on the LPGA leader board anymore or even wonder how much she is even playing  That is right...SHE GOT MARRIED.
I am not saying marriage has caused what appears to be a decline in her competitive spirit, but it is something to consider.

RORY McILROY.......Rory has withdrawn from the Memorial Tournament (Jack Nicklaus sponsor)
due to a nagging rib injury.  Rory recently got married so we hope that marriage will not affect his competitive spirit as it has done to others..  The game needs least for now

NORTH CAROLINA BASKETBALL.......Over 2 years has gone by and still no word on possible sanctions against the basketball program for fraudulent use of  a bogus Afro American Studies course that gave out high grades to players for not even attending any classes. and in some cases were able to be on the Dean's List.  This was done of course to keep their players eligible.  Maybe NCAA President, Mark "the crooked emperor" is afraid of coming down on coach Roy Williams, who claims he knew nothing about what was going on.  SURE ROY

PREDICTIONS....... Based on nothing in particular I will offer the following predictions
                                  NHL.......Pittsburgh over Nashville
                                  NBA.......Golden State over Cleveland



Falcs417 said...

Kapernick should appreciate that he was even allowed to remain on a team, he should have been thrown out of the league ayear ago

GeoffR80 said...

It Looks like some of the top athletes are going off the rails with there attitudes, relationships, health, and just being nutty (Kaepernick)

LJ said...

hey so if lonzo ball doesnt get his team to the nba championship do people get the money back that they spent on his shoes

CANES1987 said...

It sounds like Ball & father would like to skip basketball all together & just collect money from sponsors...

SlimJimKid said...

Lonzo ball should call his shoe Pure Silence cause that's what he sounds like on a NBA basketball court up to this point