Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Just a few comments as we get close to the sweet 16 games.

OFFICIATING.....Does anyone think the overall officiating has been positive?
There are still officials out there that truly feel the fans are there to see them.
There are some players out there that will always get the benefit of the doubt when fouls are being called.  Anyone ever heard of a shot being blocked by the defender putting his hand up through the basket??   Some officials think that is ok and even hit the complaining coach with a technical for protesting.  Definitely one of my favorites in the tournament so far.

Lonzo Ball.......Outstanding player for the UCLA Bruins.  He has all the tools and many feel he is a NBA # 1 draft pick even though he is only a  freshman.  No doubt Lonzo can play but he has one major problem..HIS FATHER LAVAR.  Father has every right to be proud of his son but when he comes out with some of the things he says,  he truly needs to keep his mouth shut instead of living his life through his son.  Supporting his son is one thing, but being an embarrassment to him is another.
Lonzo can play, but he his not better than Steph Curry or Michael Jordan.  He does not deserve a billion dollar shoe contract and does not have the right to dictate what NBA teams he his willing to play for.  These are just a few things that daddy Ball has been saying.  Take a seat LaVar and just let your son play basketball.

NORTH CAROLINA.....  Anyone else wonder what happened to the investigation that the NCAA was conducting on the African American studies that so many of the basketball players were excelling in.  To be fair, we are not talking about today's players  Mostly it was about eligibility of the 2005 through 2009 teams when players were enrolled in fake classes.  Some even made the deans list and never set foot in a classroom.  "Honest Coach" Roy Williams claims he knew anything about such classes and his current players should not be penalized for anything done years ago.  Tell that to the many athletic programs that have been hit with NCAA sanctions and it was the current players paying those penalties.  I truly agree with Williams on the idea that players that had nothing to do with infractions should be penalized.  On the other hand, Coach Williams was on hand during those days of fake classes, but somehow the NCAA is afraid to touch him.  "Honest Roy"   ??????
Yeah right!!!!!!!!!

DEFENSE....... If you like defense, these are the top  and worst remaining teams with ratings.
BEST DEFENSE.....Xavier  63     Wisconsin  66     Florida  68
WORST DEFENSE.......UCLA  88     Kansas  85     North Carolina  83  Arizona  81   Oregon  80

TEAMS PLAYING THE OVERALL BEST....Michigan...Xavier.....Wisconsin


Epstein said...

The officiating is piss-poor as always and in the favor of the number 1 and 2 seeded teams. I didn't see all the LonzoBall news. His dad should be a comedian. Funny guy

minotaur30 said...

If Ball is better than MJ UCLA should win the NCAA tournament. Not come close or make it to the final game. They should win the tournament convincingly

Hoosierman'81 said...

UNC has been up to the same deceptive tactics for years now. A few other incidents happened in the 80's and 90's too

LDO135 said...

Jordan could wake up with a hangover tomorrow morning and beat Ball. His dad should tone down the hype