Sunday, March 26, 2017


Gonzaga has played 4 tournament games, but do we actually know how good they might be.
In their 4 games to date, they have played a # 4 seed, # 8 seed, # 11 seed, and a # 16 seed.
The game against the # 4 seed was against West Virginia, winning 61-58, while West Virginia shot a miserable 20 some percent for the game.  Now Gonzaga moves on to the final 4. but it will not be against a # 1 seed.  Once again it will be a much lower seed (# 7) South Carolina.  So this brings me to my original question as to how good this team might be.  The luck of the draw has not told us much.


redraider 09 said...

Gonzaga didn't play anyone during the season and still hasn't in the tournament with exception of their 2nd game against Western Virginia

The Carter Report said...

I hope Gonzaga crashes and burns.their latest wins don't make me a believer

jimbo d 111 said...

The only way we'll find out is if Gonzaga makes the final game. I'd like to find out