Thursday, January 12, 2017


Some say we need to make America great again.  Make no mistake, America is great and always has been.  Just ask the many who defended our country so unappreciative overrated football players like Kaepernick can protest and disrespect our flag and what it stands for.  What other country can anyone make millions and perform mediocre to get it?  Yes Colin, that place is America.  If Colin wants to protest, he has that right, but does not need to disrespect our country by doing it.  In other words, choose another place and especially another way to express your feelings.

There is a song by Lee Greenwood called GOD BLESS AMERICA.  Colin needs to listen to it and maybe he can appreciate more of what he has.  The song mentions about standing up for America, but I imagine that would be too much to ask of Colin.

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mack80 said...

Does he still play football? I thought he would be best bagging groceries somewhere