Tuesday, January 10, 2017


In what will go down as one of the best college football games and finishes, we congratulate both teams for an outstanding performance. As is the case in all big games, the so called experts have their opinions and predictions as to who will win the game. For example, ESPN "know it all" Steven A Smith predicted Alabama would prevail and the Tide would roll.  WRONG STEVEN A
His counterpart on the ESPN show FIRST TAKE, Max Kellerman did much better by picking Clemson.  Moving on over to Fox Sports, Shannon Sharpe thinks like Steven A Smith and picked Alabama, whil Skip Bayless, I hate to say had Clemson.  Then there is Colin Cowherd, a guy who called the Clemson Tigers "a fraud".  Imagine a team that defeated Ohio State 31-0 and then defeating the # 1 team in the country being referred to as "a fraud"  So much for Cowherd's opinion, but then again what can anyone expect from Fox news and sports.  They usually get things wrong.
The bettors came out on top in this game as it was reported that 78% of the monies were going towards Clemson.  Looks like the bettors knew more than some of the "experts"


Hayden 1T said...

His knack for being wrong and racist got him dismissed from ESPN. The guy is lucky to be employed

The Rook180 said...

deadspin.com did an article on Cowherd when he was fired from espn. the guy doesnt make good decisions for himself so I wouldnt trust him to pick the winner of any game

DonRuss22 said...

I never heard of him but I get most sports news from espn so I guess I wouldn't