Friday, November 4, 2016


I saw this week where some of the committee to pick the final 4 in college football feel that one loss Texas A & M should be ranked ahead of undefeated Washington due solely to their comparable schedules..  Maybe that is a legitimate argument, but bringing up a team's schedule called my attention to Michigan.  Do we know or have any idea how good Michigan might be??  Based on their schedule to date there is no possible way of knowing that.  We know that Harbaugh will run up a score or call a fake punt with a 30 some point lead to impress the committee but that truly  does not answer how good Michigan might be. A high ranked team would have a power rating of 100 compared to an average team with a power rating of 80.  Using Las Vegas game day odds. let us look at just how strong the Michigan schedule has been.

Michigan    Rating 100         -38.0          Hawaii       62
Michigan    Rating 100         - 36.0         Central Florida       64
Michigan    Rating 100         -18.0          Colorado       82
Michigan    Rating 100         -16.5          Penn State        83.5
Michigan    Rating 100         -11.5          Wisconsin       88.5
Michigan    Rating 100       -  30.5          Rutgers          69.5
Michigan    Rating 100        -40.0           Illinois          60
Michigan    Rating 100        - 24.5          Michigan State        75.5

Average opponent power rating       73.1

Average team rating is 80 so you see that Michigan is well below that.  We are not by any means stating that Michigan is not a good team, but this weeks game against Maryland as a 30.5 favorite does not help in  regards to strength of schedule.  Running up a score like a 78-0  win over Rutgers is not impressive to me.  But I am sure to Harbaugh that will go down as one of his best coaching games.  Ohio State opened their season with a notable Oklahoma team by comparison.  I sorta get the feeling that Harbaugh likes his cake too much to schedule games on that level.  So, how good is Michigan???? NO POSSIBLE WAY OF KNOWING




Dmarro 030 said...

I told everyone in the Detroit area that Michigan hasn't played anyone. They haven't proven anything to me

Lee_HummerH1 said...

They can't hide from the power ratings.

JohnzR574 said...

Their winning ends this week. On the road against Iowa.