Monday, September 5, 2016


Colin Kaepernick, QB of the San Francisco 49 ers has refused to stand for our country's national anthem prior to the teams NFL games.  According to Kaepernick, he is in protest of our country that he feels oppresses black people and people of color and will not stand to honor the flag.  He further stated that there are bodies in the streets and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.
To that statement, I might remind Kaepernick that there other bodies in the streets, like several police officers in Dallas or Baton Rouge as examples.  Our country is not perfect, but I do not know of any place in the world that might be.  That being said, I would like to make a few comments about Kaepernick.

First, I will say that Kaepernick has every right to express his feelings due to our Constitution that provides the right to free speech.  These rights are coming from the country that oppresses people.

When Kaepernick puts on that football uniform, he is no longer just representing himself, but the
49 ers as well.  He is using his place of employment to express his views, where many companies and businesses may not agree with him.

Kaepernick is an overrated QB with an overly inflated salary.  He more than likely would not be able to enjoy that opportunity in other countries.  Maybe he should try.

Kaepernick should stay out of uniform, get a sign, walk the streets of San Francisco and protest all he wants.  The country that would allow him to do that is the one he is so down on.

Like I said, our country is not perfect by any means, but maybe, Kaepernick should possibly be just a little appreciative of the opportunities that this country has provided for him and many others.



jdom085 said...

He's a bum and should be out of the American-based NFL. He dosnt like America then he can play elsewhere

wardawg1 said...

it's funny that a black marine told #Kaepernick he could leave the country yet Kaepernick acts like he speaks for all blacks

Kushman said...

Absolutely Agree

James KD said...

He can say say what he wants, just pick a new stage to say it on.

DDLiner89 said...

#Kaepernick is a grade (A) reject. My 2 friends quit being 49ers fans because of him

redraider 151 said...

he thinks he's creating awareness but the only thing anyone is paying attention to is how to get him out of the nfl or country..which evr comes 1st

SunDevs-97 said...

he looks like a terrorist

Lee_HummerH1 said...

They should just make him stay in the locker room while the anthem plays