Friday, July 1, 2016


ANDREW LUCK     Luck has signed a contract worth 140 million with a guarantee of 87 million to make him the highest paid player in the history of the NFL.  Makes me wonder if, Luck is the best player ever in the NFL, to which I can easily say  NO WAY.  With that kind of money, anything short of at least 2 Super Bowl titles would be monies wasted.  Honestly, I will be surprised if the Colts win just one title with Luck as their leader.

USGA     Dustin Johnson won the recent US Open at Oakmont CC, but not with any help from the USGA and their stupid rules.  Johnson was on the 5th green, lining up a slightly uphill short putt, when his ball moved a fraction backwards.  Johnson immediately called the movement to an USGA official assigned to Johnson and his playing partner of the day, Lee Westwood.  Johnson assured the official that he had done nothing to make the ball move and Westwood supported that claim.  The USGA official agreed and said to play on without penalty.  That was all good until the 12th tee, when Johnson was informed by another official that what took place on the 5th green would be discussed at the end of Johnson's round with the possibility of a one stroke penalty.  This decision meant that Johnson was about to play the next 7 holes without knowing exactly what his score may be.  It also meant that a few other golfers would have no idea for sure where they stood in their attempt to overcome Johnson's small lead.  No other sport in the whole world would allow the final outcome to be decided hours later after something questionable took place  I always felt that the rules of golf were a little too particular, but this decision was outright stupid.  I have to wonder who decided that the on course official who decided no penalty, was not good enough and another video review with Johnson was necessary.  Seems that the USGA does not have much trust in their on course officials.
It is about time that golf lets the players play and not worry so much about their stupid nitpicking rules.

NHL AND NBA     Seasons are too long.  Even worse than baseball, which also could use a little shortened schedule also.

NFL    Is it really important for the NFL to be looking at playing more games out of the country?
If there is more money to be made, then I am sure to them it is very important.  Not that I am against any sort of change, but truly had no problems with normal schedules and normal home field advantages with games simply played here in the United States.

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL    Based on our stats and trends, if the World Series was being held today, it would be the Chicago Cubs against the Boston Red Sox.  Who do you like??


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