Monday, May 23, 2016


MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL    I have to wonder at times what the replay crew is looking at when there is a challenge made on an umpires call.  Time and time again, these so called pros in New York  cannot see good,  since they still miss the obvious calls.

LEBRON JAMES     James has to be the biggest flop guy in the NBA.  Its okay to try and get a referee's call, but James is starting to look silly and pathetic in doing it.

TOM BRADY     Even though the courts have upheld the decision for, Brady to be suspended 4 games by the NFL for his part in Deflategate, he still wants to fight the decision.  It is about time that Brady let it go already and move on.   Only thing missing is, Belichick should have been suspended along with him.  Cheater always seems to dodge the issues.

PHIL MICKELSON     With the millions of dollars this guy has, you would have to think that he wouldn't get hooked up with a known gambler that would lead him to insider trading.  Always liked Phil but his greed is truly disappointing.  Mickelson must return something like $931,000.00 for his profits made from the Dean Foods purchases.  Maybe Phil should stick to golf and distance himself from known criminals.  If anything, his golf game can use a little extra work.



SixtyBills said...

The Pats cheating is just acceptedd now. Its liike they dont care if they get caught they keep on doing it

therocksays said...

replay has benefitted all sports except baseball. They are some of the worst that I've seen

merlin8 said...

They did the same thing last night. I think the camera angles they review are from a blimp

hawk-i-golf said...

If Mickelson really wants more money he should pick up some more endorsements and stay out of the stock market