Saturday, April 2, 2016


      The bubble will burst today and the Orange will fall to North Carolina.

     Sooners can pull off a win over Villanova if Buddy Hield can score 25.

     Denzel Valentine, from Michigan State was named the AP Player of the year.  Nothing against Valentine, but I will still have, Buddy Hield from Oklahoma as my pick.
Valentine had a scoring average of 19.2 compared to Hield's 25.1.  More important is Hield's team is still in the Final Four, while Valentine's team has been long gone.

     Brannen Greene has applied to be drafted by the NBA.  Despite being in coach Self's doghouse with several suspensions over his 3 year stay, Greene has some outstanding stats to make him a sure NBA pick.  With a scoring average of 5.4 per game. no doubt this guy is first round material.  Okay, I am being highly sarcastic and in reality, Greene will be lucky to get drafted at all.
     Another outstanding Jayhawk declaring for the NBA is ,Freshman, Cheick Diallo  Diallo averaged
3.0 per game in scoring with a rebound average of 2.5.  Seriously I would think that Diallo should be staying at Kansas for at least 2 more years.

PITTSBURGH     Assistant coach, Brandin Knight has turned down an offer to stay at Pitt under new coach, Kevin Stallings.  Can't say that I blame him since Knight would have been my pick over Stallings for the head coaching job.  Whoever gets Knight to become a member of their staff will get an outstanding recruiter especially in the Northeast.

NORTH CAROLINA     Looking for the Tar Heels to get hit with NCAA sanctions soon after the tournament ends.  Academic fraud dealing with their African American studies program will warrant penalties.  Forget about issuing fines that I am sure the school can well afford and by no means penalties should have any affect on current players.  Penalties should focus on reducing scholarship offers and coach, Roy Williams.   Williams has strongly denied any knowledge of academic fraud, but I will leave that up to all of you on what your opinion may be.  For me and simply stated, HE KNEW.  It has been real nice or maybe I should say convenient that the NCAA has purposely held off with their sanctions until the tournament ends.  No doubt, North Carolina generates more money to put into the pocket of  "Crooked" NCAA president, Mark Emmert, by being in the Final Four as opposed to what a lesser  attractive name might bring in.  


Trubeatz202 said...

I knew Syracuse would fall but I never thought the Sooners would go down, let alone lose that bad

hanksy43 said...

Teams like NC never get full sanctions or punishment. The top ranked programs always get off easy

Jon C said...

thats for suree

ESPNBehns said...

I think you were right that if Hield scored 25 Oklahoma would have won. That Of course was under the assumption that the rest of his team was actually going to play

bluestreek 77 said...

I watched a fair amount of Kansas basketball this year and I never saw a Greene....good luck in the pros...

TravIsG8 said...

I haven't heard anything else about the UNC sanctions. Anyone else know anything?

Kushman said...

Heild is better and more deserving of ap player of the year over Valentine even though his game against villanova didn't show it