Sunday, March 27, 2016


Pitt AD, Scott Barnes wanted to hire an upbeat type of basketball coach that would bring "fun" to the game.
Barnes who is considered a "basketball guy" with full of knowledge was sure to hire a new coach that fans would get excited about.  Then he hired, Kevin Stallings, former coach at Vanderbilt.  The excitement and high expectations of who the new basketball coach would be are for the most part gone.  In fairness to Stallings, he did an ok job at Vanderbilt, taking them to the NCAA tournament 7 times out of his 17 years at Vanderbilt.  To many however, Stallings had worn out his welcome at Vanderbilt and the general feeling was that he should either resign or be fired.  If that was all true, then imagine the relief, Stallings must have felt when Pitt came along and  kept him out of the unemployment line.  While Vanderbilt fans were pushing Stallings out the door, Pitt fans were doing the same with former coach, Jamie Dixon.  It was apparent that, Dixon had worn out his welcome at Pitt, just as Stallings had done at Vanderbilt.  Timing was on Dixon's side as well when his alma mater, TCU came calling to offer him their head coaching position.  Pitt even made Dixon's buyout on his contract much easier just to make sure the deal went through.  I am sure both coaches are happy to be out of places where they are not wanted, but in comparison of which school came out ahead, I would have to say....VANDERBILT WINS AND PITT LOSES.
Pitt AD,Barnes had a great opportunity to bring that fun, upbeat style of basketball to Pittsburgh and he would not have even had to leave the city to get the coach  that many players and fans had wanted.
Barnes without question should have hired Pitt assistant coach, Brandon Knoght.  Knight was a former outstanding player at Pitt that the fans loved.  He would have brought the type of enthusiasm that Pitt needs to rejuvenate a somewhat stale program.  Knight also knows basketball and is known to be a top recruiter,  but to AD Barnes all this was not enough to overshadow the likes of Stallings.
Scott Barnes may be a basketball guy but his hiring of Stallings over Knight or any other more highly qualified coach is truly laughable.  There is a new coach in town, but really nothing to get excited about.

NOTE    Pitt hired a search group in helping them find suitable candidates for the job.  That group was
Collegiate Sports Associates, whose founder and president is former Vanderbilt, AD, Todd Turner.
Turner is the guy who hired Stallings at Vanderbilt so we can only speculate that he played some part in getting Stallings the job at Pitt.  Always good to know someone.

NOTE    After Pitt passed up, Brandon Knight for the job, I have to wonder how many current  and recruited players will possibly decide to look at other programs.

NOTE    When Jamie Dixon made his introductory speech at TCU, he predicted his team will contend  against Kansas and others for the Big 12 title.  Good luck with that Jamie.


Jibjab101 said...

It's a questionable decision to get a guy like Stallings who hasn't produced much . maybe it was a money-saver thing

Onion_Sports said...

I get why Pitts former coach left but not so much who they got to replace him.

mikeOspades said...

The choices of the AD there are the reason they've been behind in basketball and football for years