Friday, March 25, 2016


It wasn't that long ago that Cleveland fired head coach, David Blatt under the direction of  super star, LeBron James.  James did not care for Blatt and so the "King" got his way and had Blatt fired.  Blatt only had a won/loss record of 30-11 at the time for a .731 winning percentage, but James was able to convince management that this was not acceptable and had his hand picked favorite, Tyronn Lue put into place as the Cavaliers new head coach.  Lue with his super ego stepped up and announced that the Cavs would be better than ever before.  Understand that James is the true coach of this team and Lue is just someone that will listen to whatever James wants.  Taking a look at what the new dynamic duo has accomplished since pushing Blatt out the door, we find that the Cavs record since then is a record of 21-11, or a winning percentage of .656.  I have never claimed to be a math whiz, but it is quite obvious that a winning percentage of .656 does not measure up to the .731 that Blatt had before getting bounced.  So, unlike Lue's prediction that the team would be better, these numbers do not support that.  Bottom line is that the Cleveland Cavaliers are not better under the leadership of James and Lue, but I am sure they are happy with each other since they got what they wanted.


NJersE27 said...

Evryone wants James but he ain't winning championships so I don't see what is so great about him

Trailblazed00 said...

One guy can help a team but he can't be the team, at least not in the nba