Monday, January 4, 2016


As the regular season has now come to a close, a few current thoughts come to mind.

BUFFALO          Sweet victory for coach, Rex Ryan as his Buffalo Bills knocked out his former NY Jets teams from the playoffs.
BALTIMORE          Coach, John Harbaugh described this season as one of his most rewarding as a coach.  With a 5-11 record this year, it seems it does not take much for Harbaugh to feel rewarded.
CLEVELAND          Coach. Mike Pettine has been fired as expected.  Was his firing justified??  Maybe, but keep in mind that this coach had to babysit QB, Johnny Manziel all season, had players suspended for continuous drug use, to go along with a numerous amount of injuries.  Pettine did not want Manziel, but ownership did and it was ownership that fired him.
PITTSBURGH          Steelers got into the playoffs through the back door (NY Jets loss)  Many feel Pittsburgh is a serious threat to win the AFC because of their explosive offense.  With a highly questionable secondary, Steeler fans should not get too excited.
CINCINNATI          Back in the playoffs once again and once again the question is whether they can ever win a playoff game.
DENVER          Peyton Manning came off the bench to help in defeating San Diego.  Now all of a sudden, Denver Nation feels they are the top team once again.  Not so sure.

DALLAS          A complete mess .  Jerry Jones needs to fire himself.  Rumor has it that QB, Manziel will end up in Dallas.  This would make sense as it would allow Jones to add another clown to the circus that already exists.  Shame that a true pro like LB, Sean Lee has to be stuck with this organization.
SAN FRANCISCO          Firing head coach, Jim Tomsula after only one season is an indication that the 49 ers never seriously thought of him as their true coach this season.  Former coach, Jim Harbaugh wasted no time in commenting about Tomsula's firing, more or less saying that San Francisco got what they deserved.  Harbaugh needs to pay attention to his college job at Michigan and not be concerned what is going on in the pro ranks.  Maybe it was his arrogance that got him kicked out of San Francisco in the first place.
PHILADELPHIA          Been reported that former coach, Chip Kelly has already reached out to the San Francisco 49 ERS about their head coach vacancy.  Personally, I feel Kelly belongs back in the college ranks at best.  This man does not know how to relate to the professional player.



Mr.RealDeal said...

the Browns should give up the whole franchise....when was the last time they won something ?

philliesfan11 said...

I said Philadelphia shouldn't have got Chip Kelly back when they hired him. The result? Nothing good!!

JrPeyt47 said...

Mannnings performance was awesome. The Broncos got superbowl in their headlights

chadds550 said...

The Cowboys need more help than a backup QB, however, the Browns still require the most help with the 49ers close behind em

timbucktools said...

Ya I'm guessing Baltimore fans don't think of this season as REWARDING

mitch m said...

the old payton manning returned on sunday. just all out shredded the chargers dfense

ALLVarsity'04 said...

Kelly wont help the 49ers if they take him

LIDZ2GO said...


Dayson4554 said...

Dallas has enough probs, they don't need another by picking up Manziel. Jerry Jones makes one bad decision after another

NOID0101 said...

least he was better than the one b4 himmmm