Friday, January 1, 2016


Supposedly  the top 4 college teams scared off in the semi finals on the road to the prestigious national championship game.  One would think that semi final games would be very competitive but instead we witnessed 2 blow outs.  Number 4 rated Oklahoma, who the odds makers made a 4.5 point favorite fell to Clemson, 37-17 while # 2  rated Alabama  easily ran all over Michigan State, 38-0.
Certainly these were not the kind of games we anticipated and the results seem to indicate that possibly these were not the top 4 teams in the country.  As the representative of the Big 12. Oklahoma turned out to be an embarrassment.  Maybe if QB, Baker Mayfield paid more attention to preparing for Clemson as opposed to sulking about TCU not recruiting him, his performance might have been a little better.  I never thought that Michigan State was the best Big 10 team, but never expected them to perform as the worst Big 10 team.  All the hype for the semi finals turned out to be nothing worth while watching.  Everyone was able to bring in the New Years and not have to be concerned about the outcome of these games.  Maybe the championship will hold our interest and be more competitive.  Until then      HAPPY NEW YEAR

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