Monday, November 16, 2015


There were a few good things from yesterday's games, but for this writing, we will just mention the not so good.

BALTIMORE           Bad loss at home to Jacksonville (3-6)  Game was actually won by Baltimore until a face mask penalty with no time left in the game gave Jacksonville another attempt at a game winning field goal.   Yes it was good   Jacksonville 22-Baltimore 20.
GREEN BAY          How bad was this loss?  First win for Detroit at Green Bay since 1991.   Packers were 10.5 point favorites and lose to lowly Detroit (2-7).  Third loss in a row now for the Packers.
PITTSBURGH          Johnny Manziel torched the Steeler pass defense for a total of 372 passing yards.  Yes, I said, Manziel, whose previous NFL high was 180 yards passing in a game.
ST LOUIS          Decided to take this week off with a non enthusiastic loss to Chicago 37-13

DALLAS           Not really "Americas Team" lost their 7th game in a row.  Amazing how they find ways to lose, this time allowing the winning touchdown by Tampa coming with just 54 seconds left in the game.  Once again the defense fails when the game is on the line.  We understand that their 11 million dollar, superstar, woman beater. Greg Hardy was late for practice Thursday.  No word of any punishment coming his way, as would be for most NFL players for unexcused absences. Maybe this is an example of how Hardy shows his so called team leadership, that Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett tell us all that Hardy provides.  Looks more like Hardy can do whatever he wants.
NEW ORLEANS     Pathetic is one good way of describing the New Orleans defense.  They have given up a total of 130 points in the last 3 games.  I have my doubts that defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan will have that position very long.
DENVER          We had, Peyton Manning at the bottom of our quarterback ratings in the American Conference.  Things did not get any better for him as he completed just 5 passes in 20 attempts, for a total of 35 yards to go along with 4 interceptions.  Needless to say, the Broncos lost, 29-13 to Kansas City.


Dcroft24s said...

Detroit crushed a lot of bets ovr the weekend. I didnt think GreenBay would have a problem with them. Detroit sucjks

LudaCHRIS said...

I was shocked by the Baltimore win too but the Packers didn't play through the end of the game, that's why they lost it

slyckster_705 said...

dallas, new orleans, and manning should make one big team with the way there season is going

Real Chuck Norris said...

I think Dallas is OFFICIALLY out of commission this season

rollem25K said...

The score of the Steelers/Browns game isn't reflective of the amount of yards Manziel put up. They just couldn't get to the end zone