Sunday, November 22, 2015


Following yesterday's game, a few thoughts have come to mind.

DUKE     Once a contender for their ACC Conference, the Blue Devils apparently were highly overrated as they have now lost 4 in a row.

LSU     Considered to be one of the better SEC teams this year, the Tigers have done a complete turnaround in losing their last 3 games.  Losses to Alabama 30-16, Arkansas 31-14, and Mississippi 38-17. clearly shows that LSU was not able to compete with the stronger teams.

OHIO STATE     Buckeyes fall to their first true meaningful test of the season by losing to, Michigan State 17-14.  Looks like OSU may have been overrated this season as well.

OHIO STATE     Running back, Zeke Elliot announced following the game that he would not be back at OSU for his senior season.  Announcement came as he was trashing the Ohio State coaches for what he felt was poor play calling since he only got to carry the ball 12 times.  In many programs today, trashing the coaches openly would be enough for a players season to be over.  I suspect, Elliot will play if it is determined that they need him to defeat, Michigan next week.

IOWA     Saw where early rankings coming out this week will have this team ranked as # 3 in the country.  Here is a team with no signature wins all season and probably had the easiest schedule of all of the top 5 major conference teams.   # 3 in the country is a joke, as we would have them ranked no higher than # 4 in the Big 10 Conference

ALABAMA     Great win for the Tide over, Charleston Southern 56-6.  I am sure, Saban had to put in some extra time in preparing for this game so late in the season.  When will the NCAA ban this kind of scheduling???


Ohio State Sucks said...

Its been a while since my last post and Ohio State still Sucks! Thank you

aviators91 said...

Some way or another I missed Iowa climbing the rankings. It can only mean one thing. They'r playing over there heads.

CAVJimbo said...

Duke was like a contender for their fans and some sports commentators but I knew they wouldn't last. Duke doesn't DO football

TheReej01 said...

I didnt see them either