Sunday, November 8, 2015


Alabama          Regardless of what happens during the rest of the season, this team is the best in the conference.
Mississippi          Heartbreaking loss, but when you give up 53 points, maybe you are just not meant to win the game

PAC 12
Arizona          Overrated early in the season
Oregon          Better than their record indicates
Stanford        Best team in the conference right now
Washington State          Underrated and the hottest team in the conference.

Iowa          Undefeated and overrated.
Michigan          Great call by Harbaugh to go for a 2 point conversion over lowly Rutgers when being ahead by 25 points.  Probably thinks everyone will be more impressed with him   BIG EGO
Michigan State          Should be undefeated but due to pathetic officiating, the Spartans hopes of being part of the final four are now over.
Nebraska          Should never complain about a bad call.  The gift win over Michigan State should count for at least the next few years.
Ohio State          They win, but many are questioning how good they really are.

Clemson          No doubt they are the best in the conference.   A very good and talented team, but not # 1 in the country
Notre Dame          Good win over an average Pittsburgh team.  Need to join a conference.
Pittsburgh          Finding games are much tougher against some of the above average teams.

BIG 12
Baylor.          Best team in the conference and probably a final four team. if it wasn't for losing their starting QB.
Kansas          Not sure this team can play any worse.
Oklahoma          Dangerous team that certainly can have an impact on how the conference plays out.
Oklahoma State          Not surprised by their big win over TCU.  Surprised however on how easy it was.
TCU          No final four.  Coach Patterson was known to ask opposing coaches after defeating their teams on whether they felt TCU could defeat Baylor.  WVU coach,  Holgersen was one that stated that he felt TCU was a more complete and better team than Baylor.  Maybe Patterson should have been paying more attention to his game with, Oklahoma State instead of worrying about, Holgersen's opinion.


kurtlsal88 said...

The Michigan St game ranks in the top 3 for worst called games this season, easily. The refs are costing teams big time

WildDeuces222 said...

No way Clemson should be No.1. If Alabama didn't have the 1 loss theyd be No.1

O'doyle said...

all these conferences have top teams with inconsistencies. I don't know who I'd put in 1st

t-waggs-5 said...

neither ohio state or michigan state are real impressive. one of the leading teams in other conferences have a better chance of going to the bowl champions game

LucasBMWM3 said...

Fighting Irish will be National Champions

crimtidefan1 said...

The Tide will rise again...

vladdy244 said...

I knew TCU and MICHIGAN STATE would come up short, just like I KNOW Notre Dame will NOT be going to any championship game like someone else said they would

swoosh123 said...

Baylor woulda been my number 1 team if they didn't lose there quarterback. I don'tt know if they can come back from that

Nate G50 said...

There isn't a dominant team in college football this year. It's all up for grabs

Ziggy_NC said...

Bama will make their way to the top again..somehow they always do