Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Over the last couple of days, we have reviewed the teams in the Big 12 and Big 10 Conferences.
Today , we move on to the Southeast Conference.

ALABAMA       Despite losing to Mississippi, we still have the Tide as # 1 in the conference
ARKANSAS       High expectations this year until coach, Bielema started worrying about Ohio States schedule and lost sight of his own program.
AUBURN       Some thought this team was right behind Alabama in the ratings.  Right now, we would have them rated about # 10 in the conference.
FLORIDA       Playing much better than anyone expected, but loss of QB, Grier will take its toll
GEORGIA       Good team, but could not match up to Alabama.  With the loss of RB and Heisman hopeful, Nick Chubb, the Bulldogs will have their work cut out for them.
KENTUCKY       Average team with tough opponents coming up.
LSU       We have the Tigers as # 2 in the conference.  We will know more about them with games remaining against Alabama, Mississippi and Texas A&M
MISSISSIPPI       They win against Alabama but get blown out by Florida.  Not sure which team will show up from week to week.
MISSISSIPPI STATE       Until they can beat the big teams, it is difficult to get too excited about this team.
MISSOURI       Team should have stayed in the Midwest.  Could easily finish with a losing record this year.
SOUTH CAROLINA       Coach, Spurrier resigns in mid season.  What more can we add to the status of this program.
TENNESSEE       Good team but need to win against a top team or two.
TEXAS A&M       Aggies have done what they were expected to do.  True test will be this week against Alabama.
VANDERBILT       They may not  win a conference game this season, but the Commodores can never be trusted.




PBandWIllis said...

Georgia could have mad e a decnt run at the SEC but theyr lookin like theyr fallin fast/ it'll be anothr year of BamaBamaBama chants..

NickW0388 said...

The SEC power conference is slowly fading. No teams except Alabama are really contenders

smacktalkin101 said...

The conference doesn't have the appeal it once did so with that said I hope south carolina wins it all

gatornation2015 said...

I had some intrest in florida but without there qb it could make for a long season