Monday, October 12, 2015


This is our second review of the major 5 conferences.  This Big 10 Conference review follows yesterday's Big 12.

Yesterday, we started our Big 12 review by stating that the conference by far has the worst officials.
At times it appears that the Big 10 officials would challenge that recognition, but for now, we will rate the Big 10 officials as being the 2nd worst.

Now for the teams:
ILLINOIS          Improved since the firing of  coach, Tim Beckman
INDIANA         Another long season for the Hoosiers
IOWA          Easiest schedule in the country, but will prove to have them overrated
MARYLAND          Firing coach Edsall will not help this group
MICHIGAN          Big ego man, Harbaugh has them winning.  They could be # 2 in the conference.
MICHIGAN STATE          Not playing up to their expected potential
MINNESOTA          Will win and lose as expected.
NEBRASKA          Some close games, but disappointing to Cornhusker fans
NORTHWESTERN       Should always take these overachievers serious
OHIO STATE          Best in the conference but # 2 behind Baylor
PENN STATE         Improved but not consistent
PURDUE          Like Indiana, another long season
RUTGERS          Truly not a Big 10 team.  Should have stayed in the East
WISCONSIN          Disappointing year so far by Badger standards.



TWolvesFAN said...

With the Badgers being down and Michigan St being questionable, it looks like Ohio St will own #1 outright in the conference

dachsund_va said...

I forget that rutgers and maryland are in the big10

JoshIn43 said...

Mich State = Overrated from the start of the football season

Big Ray T said...

It looks like its going to be a Michigan - Ohio State battle for the Big 10