Sunday, October 11, 2015


After reaching the half way point of the regular season, we will give a brief review of where the top 5 major conferences stand.  Today we will begin with the Big 12 Conference.

Last year we rated the officiating for the top conferences beginning with the worst and the Big 12 officials were determined to be the worst in major college football.   So far this season, the Big 12 officials have not disappointed us by maintaining that distinct honor.  BY FAR THE BIG 12 HAVE THE WORST OFFICIALS IN THE COUNTRY.

Now moving on to the teams.

BAYLOR     Right now we have the Bears as the best team in the country
IOWA STATE     Tremendous fan following despite not winning.  Coach, Paul Rhoads' job could be in jeopardy
KANSAS     Probably the worst Division 1 team this year
KANSAS STATE     They play the top teams close.  Coach,  Snyder gets the most out of his players
OKLAHOMA     Once thought to be part of the big 3 in the conference, the Sooner's loss to Texas drops them from the elite.
OKLAHOMA STATE     They win but appear to be a bit overrated.
TCU     Top 10 team, but not the best in their conference
TEXAS     Big win over Oklahoma may have saved coach, Charlie Strong his job,  Despite the big win, there are still problems in Austin.
TEXAS TECH     Playing much better than most experts thought they would.
WEST VIRGINIA     Competitive team but coach Holgersen cannot win the big games.  Might be wearing out his welcome in Morgantown.



Gerald4102 said...

There sure be a lot of mixups in that conference this season.

cbarnesky444 said...

Rhodas won't be around much longer, unless some gigantic turn around happens soon

Jdanderers2 said...

Baylor will win it all. The refs in the ACC suck too

WorldsGr8est said...

Iowa State,Kansas and WestVirginia are making there way to the rock bottom of the conference. IT should be a good fight to get to the top for the others but I think Baylor is too much to handle