Wednesday, October 28, 2015



It has been many years now that the Dallas Cowboys have been labeled as "Americas Team"
I have to admit that I truly do not know how or why this distinction was made towards the Cowboys.
It is almost the same as how I wondered for years where, Johnny Manziel got the name "Johnny Football"  I have stated many times that Manziel was overrated and so far he has proven me right as his NFL career has been most unproductive.  Unproductive to the point that we rarely hear Manziel being referred to as "Johnny Football."  Now we move on to how the Dallas Cowboys are  portraying their image as "Americas Team".

1.  Over the last 4 plus years under the leadership of coach, Jason Garret, the Cowboys have a record of 43-35, with one division title and no Super Bowl wins or appearances.     AVERAGE

2.  Maybe it is fate or just bad luck, but over the years, the Cowboys have to lead the NFL in many ways to lose a game.  Whatever it may be, I cannot imagine fans being happy about it.  SAD

3.  Controversy surrounded the Cowboys for several years as fans wanted , Tony Romo replaced as their QB.  Truth is , Dallas cannot win without Tony Romo but that did not stop so many from calling for his head.  POOR FAN SUPPORT

4.  Today we have Cowboy ownership harboring a convicted criminal, Greg Hardy.  Hardy was convicted by a North Carolina judge for beating up a female acquaintance.  In that state, if convicted
by a judge, the accused has the right to a jury trial.  That did not happen as the victim did not show up for the trial, since Hardy paid her off to maintain her silence.  The NFL however suspended Hardy for 4 games, while Jerry Jones was busy offering this criminal a job as a defensive lineman.  This past Sunday after the NY Giants returned a kickoff for a 100 yard TD, we all could see our hero, Greg Hardy in a shoving match  with special teams coach, Rich Bisaccia,  In the mix, Hardy could be seen pushing aside other players and a face to face confrontation with, Dez Bryant.  Head coach, Jason Garret stood close to the shoving encounter but did nothing.  Was it maybe lack of control over Hardy or just plain fear that allowed Garret to do nothing in the way of supporting his coach?  One can only imagine what might have happened to Hardy if the head coach was someone like Ditka, Parcells or Cowher.  Cowboy owner, Jerry Jones called Hardy's outburst a "passion" for the game.
Hardy was uncontrollable and the look on his face was not one of passion, but was a look of anger.
The anger displayed by Hardy was probably quite similar to the anger that his victim in North Carolina had to endure while he was beating her up.        DISGUSTING

So over the years, we have the image of the Dallas Cowboys anywhere from average to disgusting.
Is that enough for America to grab hold of this team and call it their own??  NO !!



Bandana Man said...

THey are a "behind the scenes" team just like the Patriots. Guranteed they got a lot of tricks up there sleeve

tarheelalum11 said...

I never saw anything great bout them except for back in the day...way back in the day..

LasBetUs411 said...

they earned that name a long time ago so its hard to deny them of it now

WagerDawg said...

Hardy is a thug and lucky to still be in the league., he should've been tossed years ago

D1leebs said...

I don't have much a problem with Dallas but I never liked Hardy since his run ins with the law at UNC

tbayrays16 said...

I don't have any respect for a guy like Hardy - being originally from Texas, I'm ok with the Cowboys though

What Jim Says said...

The JETS should be Americas team