Friday, October 30, 2015


 It was a busy night last night, Thursday, October 29 as I channel flipped to watch as much as possible of 3 college games and one NFL game.  The Arizona State/Oregon game was a little easier to follow since the others were either over over pretty much decided.  There were a few things I was able to get from the games I watched.  They are:

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS     No one will challenge them for their division no matter if the Patriots cheat or not.   We predicted New England would cover the - 8.0 last night as they easily did, but have to admit it was easier than we thought.  
OREGON     Not like previous teams, but this team can compete and truly rated well above average.

PITTSBURGH     Started out with a 6-1 record with their only loss being to unbeaten Iowa.   Lots of excitement as this team ranked as high as # 23 in the country.  Do not be fooled.  This team is not that good to be in the top 25.  Wins over Akron, Youngstown State, Syracuse, Virginia, along with catching Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech on a down season, their record is not that outstanding.  With the remainder of their games including, Notre Dame, Duke, Louisville, and Miami, this team could possibly finish with a 6-6 record.

WEST VIRGINIA     Even though it was not necessary to watch another WVU embarrassing loss to its completion, there were a few things that appeared obvious.
1.   West Virginia has no sound reason to belong to the Big 12 Conference.  The amount of travel and distance to play 5 away conference games this year has to be a burden.  Teams making one trip to Morgantown is truly a lot easier than 4 or 5 trips to Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas each year.
Bottom line is that West Virginia will never be a strong competitor in the Big 12.
2   West Virginia is an average team that will defeat lesser teams and lose big to the so called elite.
3.   Currently they have a 3-4 record.  It is possible to finish as high as 8-4 or as low as 5-7 and not be bowl eligible.
4.   Coach, Dana Holgersen needs to be replaced.  Holgersen would be much better off as an offensive coordinator with some Big 12 team in which I am sure he would feel more at home.  West Virginia needs a coach that understands the tradition and culture that goes with Mountaineer football.
I have a perfect coach in mind that I will list at the end of this writing.
5.   Before anyone gets overly excited, I am not referring to rumors of Rich Rodriquez going back  to West Virginia.
6.   West Virginia would be much better off playing in the American Athletic Conference, the Atlantic Coast Conference of even the Big 10.  If for no other reason, their  fans would travel to those sites.
7.  Ok, now for my selection for the next West Virginia football coach
      DOC HOLLIDAY        currently coach at Marshall.


Garrett_Yo said...

Pittsburgh is showing promise because of the conference they play in. If they step into the ring with my Razorbacks it would be lights out

bean.e.seegs81 said...

THe Ducks can win but not the same way they used to. This is the 1st time in years that I question if they will pull out a win against above average teams

JOEBIAS111 said...

The PATS easy winning still raises questions about their honesty in my opnion

ARoN35 said...

Playin in a conference thats close to home is key to college sports

DubVAlum79 said...

West Virginia football is far from the Don Nehlan days. If they want to win they need to get that football back into the program

Irishish273 said...

They are the Ducks just modified to a slower level