Monday, October 26, 2015


MIAMI DOLPHINS     QB Ryan Tannehill had the game of his life against the Houston Texans, going 18 for 19 passing for a total of 282 yards.  You will not see that happen ever again as Tannehill is just not that good.
HOUSTON TEXANS     Half way through the season and they truly lacking a starting QB.  Mallett is still pouting about being benched, along with missing the teams chartered flight to Miami and with Hoyer, no one knows what you will get from him week to week.  Coach, Bill O'Brien may wish he was back coaching college football soon.
DENVER     Team cannot continue to win with QB, Manning's current stats.  We have him rated at the bottom of the NFL in QB efficiency.
BALTIMORE     Team lacks the defense of previous years and QB, Flacco is overrated.  More losses to follow.
PITTSBURGH     Michael Vick should retire.  Rumors are that the Miami Dolphins may be interested in Steeler offensive coordinator, Todd Haley as their next head coach.  Many Steeler fans would like to see that happen.
INDIANAPOLIS     Owner not getting along with the GM, the GM not getting along with the head coach, together spells big trouble for this team.  Add QB, Andrew Luck's mediocre play and now they have bigger problems.  On the bright side, they play in the weakest of all NFL conferences.
DALLAS     I remember the days when Dallas fans wanted QB, Tony Romo out as their starter.  I would hope by now that these same fans realize that the Cowboys cannot win without Romo.
Dallas has to lead the NFL in finding ways t o lose games.  They are a team looking over their shoulder wondering what will happen next.  Greg Hardy has no place in football.  Jail would be more fitting.
ARIZONA     Head Coach, Arians has this team going in the right direction.  Cardinal fans are elated that he his no longer with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
GREEN BAY    Unless something unforeseen happens, the NFC title is all theirs this year.



DougsPC said...

Despite what some see as positives, Indy's decline all started after Payton Manning left their team

cbjolls1234 said...

ALl the BIG GUNS like the Colts-Cowboys-Ravens have all gone down hill. Theyr making room fpr pthers to step in to the spotlight

cufflinx991 said...

I don't think the colts would want the paytton manning who is playing for the broncos right now. he's far from getting the job done

8ballking said...

Green Bay is going to be a tough 1 to stop. Your QB ratings tell why - -Rogers is playing like a phenom