Monday, September 14, 2015


Just a few comments on the following teams from this past weekend.

ARKANSAS     Coach, Bret Bielema was quite vocal in his displeasure on who is on Ohio States schedule this year.  Appears he should have paid more attention to who his team was playing this week.  Maybe he could have avoided the 16-12 upset loss to Toledo.

MICHIGAN STATE     Congrats to the Spartans on a quality win over Oregon.

OKLAHOMA     Congrats to the Sooners on a quality comeback win over Tennessee.

OKLAHOMA     After winning a big game, it is always too bad to have something negative take place that lessens the enjoyment of the game.  Following the game as the players were leaving the field, Oklahoma safety, Hatari Byrd was seen saluting some Tennessee fans with his middle finger.
Maybe he was just indicating that his team was # 1 or more likely he was just showing his degree of intelligence.  Either way, he deprived his teammates of total celebration with his classless act.

TCU     After struggling last week against an average Minnesota team by winning. 23-17, the Horned Frogs really put it all together against. Stephen Austin, 70-7.  Great job guys!!!!!!!!  I have to wonder what a non powerful football program like Stephen Austin did to deserve a beating from the mighty TCU team.  Instead of a meaningful win, ,this game is more of an embarrassment to even be on TCU's  schedule.

BOSTON COLLEGE     76-0 win over Howard University.  Impressive???  I would have to say no and put the game into the same category as TCU playing Stephen Austin and call it embarrassing.
It will be interesting to see just how good Boston College is this week when they take on, Florida State.  I am sure it will not be anything like what they did to non Division I, Howard University.

RUTGERS     In the last few months, Rutgers has gone through player suspensions and player arrests for felony crimes.  Rutgers was once known as a top academic school, but lately it appears that the intelligence level has decreased, at least at the football program.  Makes you wonder what kind of recruiting is going on there.

GENERAL     Each week, we see meaningless and non interesting games take place between Division I schools playing non Division I schools.  If for some reason it is necessary for these games to take place, and every program does it, I guess I can live with that.  That being said, I truly feel however that A DIVISION 1 TEAM WIN OVER A NON DIVISION 1 OPPONENT SHOULD NOT CREDITED INTO THE WIN COLUMN FOR BOWL ELIGIBILITY,

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KaBOB505 said...

I think of these weeks as like preseason nfl. THey hold some interest, but theyre nothing like the main event. Although upsets cna be cool

JerZman609 said...

Rutgers whole program gots to be cleaned up but the school and athletic dept gots to recognize that before any changes can be made

General_Dux said...

My Ducks Let Me Down. No More Quacking in the town square until the Ducks start to take this season seriously. Period.

mattu2u said...

the spartans seem to be the real deal. I thought Oregon would come up with a solution to score on them but it never happened

nuffsaid1 said...

BC is beyond overrated - People aree already talkin about them like they did somethin. We'll see where they at next week, then we talk

SPTYodler96 said...

I question why top 25 teams get super excited about there season when they beat a team from a division I never heard of