Friday, September 4, 2015


Just a few things come to mind.

JIM HARBAUGH        The can do it all super coach is winless in the college ranks.  I can imagine the ill feelings this morning in Ann Arbor as the mighty coach could not lead his team to victory in the season opener against Utah.  Harbaugh is the media hyped coach that some even think he can win the Big 10 this year, so I am sure losing to Utah, 24-17 was a major disappointment to the Michigan faithful

JOHN HARBAUGH     Washington Redskin LB. Keenan Robinson made a brutal tackle on Baltimore Raven WR, Kamar Aiken in a preseason game.  The tackle was unnecessary and easily could have led to a serious injury.  Fortunately, Aiken was not seriously injured. but the play was enough to bring Raven coach, Harbaugh out on to the middle of the field to confront Redskin coach,
Gruden about the tackle.  I find that a little amusing since Harbaugh is the coach that thinks it is okay for his cheap shot player, Terrell Suggs to take a shot at Philadelphia QB, Sam Bradford's knees in a meaningless play in which Suggs knew Bradford had spent last season off following knee surgery.

ROBERT GRIFFIN III      Does anyone else get the feeling that the Washington Redskins would like to be rid of RG III??  Leaving him out on the field to constantly get pounded in a preseason game might be some indication.

TOM BRADY     Did anyone actually think that a judge was going to make the "Golden Boy" sit out the first 4 regular season games??  It was a much easier decision to let Brady play and make Goodell and the NFL look stupid.  NFL leadership is like an uncontrollable circus.

NFL PRESEASON GAMES     It is time to do away with these meaningless games.  Season ticket holders are forced to purchase tickets to these games for the privilege of seeing games that are far from resembling a professional contest.  If that is not bad enough, then throw in the many injuries that occur that will leave key players missing regular season games.  These games are senseless.

TIM BECKMAN     Illinois football program took a giant step forward when they fired head coach, Beckman.  Beckman brought nothing to the program and his overall 12-25 record (4-20 in Big 10) is proof.  Only thing left for Illinois to do now is to get rid of Athletic Director, Mike Thomas.  Despite Beckman's poor record, Thomas remained a big supporter.  Got to Go !!!!

DAVID FEHERTY     CBS Sports did not renew the contract of golf analyst, David Feherty.  Feherty would bring a personality to golf that made announcing more enjoyable and sometimes amusing.  It is hard to imagine watching golf telecasts next season with less of Feherty and more of Fox Sports with Joe Buck.   YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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JnFHOSS111 said...

I knew the nfl's ruling would never stand. that judge is a joke. he compares brady's action not like using its just cheating to win a major biggie..