Sunday, August 16, 2015


The other day I took a chance and stated that, Tiger Woods would make the cut in the PGA Championship.  I was wrong as Woods failed to make the cut in the 3 major tournaments he has played in this year.  Woods had a world ranking of around 280 entering this tournament, but still gets a tremendous amount of media attention.  The media interviews, Woods prior to a tournament, during the tournament, and after he misses another 36 hole cut, when he tells us once again what went wrong.  Even though he missed the cut, Woods is able to tell us that he is making progress or has made some discovery that will improve his game.  For this tournament it was his putting that cost him making the cut.  Going from 33 putts on day one to 28 on day 2, Tiger will tell us about his new discovery that improved his sight line.  I hate to say this, but listening to all the interviews over the last few months, Woods sounds like something the average weekend golfer could be saying.  I hit the ball really good, if I only could have putted better or I made some putts, but just could not drive the ball off the tee, are things many of us have probably said from time to time.  I guess the point I am trying to make is that, Tiger Woods being interviewed is no longer a story.  When was the last time you saw so much media coverage for any golfer with a world ranking of 280?  NEVER  It is time for the media to give, Tiger Woods some space and turn their attention more to the golfers who are actually accomplishing something.  There is nothing more, Tiger Woods can say that we haven't heard before.

NOTE:  Saw some tweets where a few people were criticizing, CBS's coverage of the PGA Championship.  One person even went as far to say that, Fox Sports' coverage during the US Open
was much better than the job CBS does for golf.  I did not think CBS was doing anything different, but comparing Fox to CBS when it comes to golf was truly amusing.  Fox's coverage of the US Open was poor at best.  After reading some of those tweets, I came to the conclusion that they must have been sent by Fox Sports employees.

If we had to pick the top 5 golfers in the world today, it might go something like this:
1.   Jordan Spieth
2.   Jason Day
3.   Dustin Johnson
4.   Justin Rose
5.   Rory McIlroy

Based on consistency of play which leaves McIlroy lower on our list since he had been idle due to injury


Domkelpp48 said...

My guess is that Tiger would probably love it if the post-round-interviews stopped. He wouldn't have to re-live how bad he played and could just make a silent departure from the course

Tate_CJT said...

the problem is the only time the reporters go away is when the ratings go away (from TW). I agree they should direct attention elsewhere but as long as TW has a following, there will be reporters asking questions.

swashbuckler01 said...

Before meeting the press, woods should just say ditto what I said the last time I would save him time

Dave spfx360 said...

Yep, that's true. So everyone give TW a break and quit following himmmm

GAWLF2X2 said...

Day and Spieth could be the new duo to take Woods's place in the spotlight

Wildkat_UK11 said...

If Spieth got another win last week Tiger;s spotlight might have got dimmer