Monday, August 24, 2015


From time to time we like to pass along a few thoughts from the world of sports that we would like to share.  We encourage everyone to comment on these or any other sports topics that you have an interest in.

NFL    In a preseason NFL game between Philadelphia and Baltimore, it was clear that Raven's defensive player, Terrell Suggs took a clear shot at Eagle QB, Sam Bradford's knee on an option read play.  Suggs was hit with a 15 yard penalty for his meaningless cheap hit.  Bradford has a history of knee surgery to begin with, but Suggs feels if the Eagles want to run such a play to put their QB at risk, then it is on them.  Personally I do not see how that statement explains why it was okay to take a shot at someones knees, especially in a preseason game.  Maybe it is just how Suggs plays the game.

NFL     Speaking of preseason games, does anyone really care that they are being played?  I feel sorry for the fans who have to pay full price to attend these meaningless games.

NFL     It has been reported that Hall Of Fame WR, Chris Carter was speaking at a symposium last season to incoming rookies.  During his talk, with former player, Warren Sapp at his side, Carter was telling these newcomers on how to avoid trouble outside of football.  Instead of Carter telling these players on ways to avoid trouble, he gave his talk on what to do when they might get in trouble by always having a fall guy to take the blame for anything that happened.  So according to Carter, if the player was to be involved with a DUI or using drugs, they should have a fall guy ready to take the blame.  I believe Carter is a high school or youth football coach in Florida, but with the advice he gave those rookies, I do not think I would want my kids around a man that displays that type of character.  For the record, The NFL was not pleased either.

NCAA     What ever happened to the NCAA investigation into the academic fraud at the University of North Carolina involving the African American Studies Department??  Many other schools would have had the hammer dropped on them by now by the NCAA.

GOLF     Before all the devoted, Tiger Woods' fans get too excited about his performance at the Wyndham Tournament, I think they should take a really close look at just how good he did.  First of all, I applaud Woods on his effort this week an have to admit he performed better than I expected.
That being said, let us look at a few things that might take away from his best performance in a long time:
1.   Going into the final round, Woods was 2 shots behind but finished at 4 back.
2.   Tournament was won by 51 year old, Davis Love III
3.   Few others in the top 10 included, Jason Gore, Scoot Brown, and Carl Pettersson.
The point I am trying to make is that the competition was not of the highest caliber and while he had a legitimate chance to win the tournament going into the final round, he actually lost ground.  Imagine where Woods would have placed if players like: McIlroy, Spieth, Watson, Johnson, Michelson, or even a Furyk would have participated.  For the record, Woods stated that his hip was bothering him throughout the round.   For someone who is supposed to be in superb condition, I would think he would be past some of the physical problems that seem to affect his game.
Personally, I am glad that Tiger had a good tournament, but I will not be one of those to get overly excited.  Maybe by the time the next official golf season begins, he will truly be a serious competitor.



Mopro30K said...

I saw the Suggs hit and it was intentional as could be. The typical thing you'd expect from someone that makes illegal hits when the refs aren't looking so he can better his on field numbers

freeride108 said...

i'm not sure which hole it was but Tiger's 3-bogey on the 10th,11th or 12th sealed the deal for him. Until next years FedEx Tiger...

tibbs4ty4 said...

Woods had it together for 3 rounds then went into meltdown on 1 hole. There's no telling if he got better or worse

nocturnal GJ said...

Chris Carter is hot air....and probably the reason no pro or college team will consider him. Take your post up in the bleechers Carter

Sam OLB 22 said...

consider him for what? to play?? I think he's well beyond his college and pro playing days.

3Xgamer said...

Suggs shouldv beeen fined