Monday, July 6, 2015


The Greenbrier Classic has just ended and already we have the media hype starting that, Tiger Woods' golf game is back, with some writing that he can win the British Open (THE OPEN).  Woods completed 4 rounds of golf,at the Greenbrier and finished 7 under par for the tournament..  His final round of 67 was bogey free, something he has not accomplished in something like his last 55 rounds of play.  I agree that his performance allows for some degree of optimism, but to say he will win  the British Open (THE OPEN) is truly asking too much.  A few of my reasons for not getting too excited about the media hype and feeling Tiger will not win this upcoming major tournament are as follows.

1.   The British Open course at St. Andrews is nothing like the Greenbrier.  Weather conditions alone
      can cause havoc to any golfer regardless of their ranking.
2,   In an interview following his final round at the Greenbrier, Woods stated that if he had only made       a few putts, then things would have been different.  That is possible, but so many golfers can say
      the same thing in any tournament played on the tour.
3.   In the same interview, Woods stated that his game started to come around at the Memorial
      tournament. despite the fact that he shot 85 and 74 in his final two rounds there.  Also if his game
      was turning around, then one might think he would have at least made the cut at the US Open at
      Chambers Bay,  That did not happen.
4.   I will agree that Tiger had a decent tournament at the Greenbrier.  I only say decent because                 despite being 7 under par, he finished in a tie for 32nd. competing against many players the                 average golf enthusiast could not identify with.  For example the tournament ended with a playoff
      with 4 golfers tied for the lead after 72 holes.  The 4 golfers were:  Danny Lee (eventual winner)
      David Hearn, Robert Streb, and Kevin Kisner.  I am not questioning that these guys have talent,         but  have to admit, they are not exactly well known names on the tour.

Probably, true diehard Tiger fans will not appreciate my comments, but I have learned so many times in the past to not accept the media hype that they throw out at us,  I truly wish Woods the best and hope he can get back into contention or at least have a respectable British Open (THE OPEN) but until I see him compete against the top golfers of the world in a positive way, I do not see any reason to get too excited.   .


D_FOLGERS said...

Its too early to jump back on the Woods bandwagon. He has shown the same signs in the past only to go to the next match and lose big. Much too early

EricWoz209 said...

I only watched a few times over the weekend and I didn't even see Woods. Good for him for playing better. Maybe he'll get things turned around ? ? ? ? ?

rangerovs2014 said...

Tiger looked better but I think he needs to actually WIN an event before I could say that he'll win the next one.