Wednesday, July 1, 2015


It has been suggested that, Phil Mickelson should make a public statement and answer questions to the latest report that he transferred 3 million dollars to an intermediary of an off shore gambling operation in order to protect his image.  The intermediary is said to be, Gregory Silveira, who pleaded guilty to 3 counts of money laundering from an unnamed gambling client.  The unnamed client was most likely, Mickelson in this case and if so, I say, so what?  Mickelson is known to take chances on some of the miraculous golf shots he plays and it is also well known of the huge amount of bets that take place during some of the tournament practice rounds with other pros like, Ricky Fowler, Keegan Bradley or Dustin Johnson,  Let's face it, Phil is a gambler and enjoys taking chances.  Maybe his choice of association with Silveira could be better, but it is not like he can pick up the phone and call his local bookie.  After all, sports betting is illegal in this country, except for, Las Vegas of course.
Mickelson is not being charged with any crime, so I have to wonder just what anyone would want him to say to protect his image.  I imagine he can say, I am Phil Mickelson and I like to gamble, which is something we already know.  Personally, I could care less that Mickelson is some sort of a gambler, and since millions in this country participate in some sort of gambling, I doubt they would  care either.  If sports betting was legal in this country, we probably would not be having this discussion.  We are able to have lotteries or even the once a week fire hall or church bingo, but sports betting is frowned upon by the powers to be.  I would rather take my chances on picking one team to win over another as opposed to picking 5 or 6 numbers to win when the odds are millions to one not in my favor.  To many, Mickelson is the crowd favorite from the world of golf.  He is involved in many charities, and it is common to see him slapping the hands of fans along the ropes or even stopping to sign autographs, while other golfers simply walk by without any acknowledgement.
Maybe our outdated gambling laws should be more of a discussion as opposed to Mickelson's image.
To me. Phil's image is just fine.


D'Macs#1 said...

Just because he's a public figure people think he has to make a statement about everything. I dont think he needs to say anything either.

twincitysports said...

He didn't do anything wrong and he shouldn't have to say anything. Period. Too many TV sports personalities are making this out to be a big issue. They need to let it go.

MrPibbster-1 said...

phil mickelson and money laundering dont fit together. Im thinkin he didnt do it & if he did he didnt know about it