Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We know that the NFL does not always do things the right way when it comes to player personnel.  Some may even conclude that the NFL never gets things right.  Today, they finally did the right thing by upholding, Tom Brady's 4 game suspension in regards to his involvement in the deflatable footballs.  The NFL ordered an investigation into footballs that, New England was using in last years playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts. as they were found to be under the minimum weight of 12.5 psi.  The investigation was headed up by, Ted Wells.  During the investigation, Wells had asked Brady for his cell phone to show what communication he had with the  ball handlers prior to the game (Patriot staff personnel responsible for inflating the game balls)  Wells was not at all interested in everything on Brady's cell phone, only what may pertain to his investigation.  Nevertheless, Brady refused.  Wells deemed Brady as being uncooperative, which played a major part in the NFL handing down the 4 game suspension.  I had to wonder at the time, what Brady was trying to hide in his failure to cooperate.  Brady appealed the decision of course and met with NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell on June 23.  Brady's failure to cooperate was alarming enough, but now it has come out that Brady had ordered his cell phone to be completely destroyed  prior to or on March 6, the day he was first to meet with Wells.  This information became available on June 18, and at that time it was clear that any evidence from that cell phone was gone for good.  Destroying evidence is usually a sign of guilt, but I am sure, Tom Brady would tell us different.  Brady has stated that if he lost the appeal, he would file a suit in federal court against the NFL  Based on the information the NFL now has on Brady, I would guess they would welcome a lawsuit, since at that time all questions have to be answered.  The New England Patriots and Tom Brady think the rules of football do not apply to them, but today the NFL finally did the right thing and stood their ground.


Bulldawg701 said...

Its shockingggg! The NFL made the right move for onceeee!

pdgabels40 said...

Ted Wells' handling of the issue was awesome, I was glad to see it was upheld

THEHOFF1 said...

no doubt, true glue, they stuck it to the PATS and they dserved it