Wednesday, July 29, 2015


After yesterday's announcement that the NFL was going to uphold the 4 game suspension of New England QB, Tom Brady, I was reminded of another QB that was hit with a suspension six years ago.  The QB six years ago was Pittsburgh's, Ben Roethlisberger.  I had to do a little digging to refresh my memory of exactly what took place back then, but what I found was interesting as to how Pittsburgh handled that suspension compared to how New England is handling the current Brady affair.  This is not about the acts that these 2 QB s allegedly committed but only on how their respective teams responded.  A comparison of the 2 follows:

PITTSBURGH:  Roethlisberger was accused of assaulting a 20 year old female in a Georgia night club. Georgia authorities decided not to prosecute the matter, but the NFL initially hit Roethlisberger with a 6 game suspension for violating the league's personal conduct policy.  The suspension was later lessened to 4 games, but Roethlisberger was ordered to undergo a comprehensive behavioral evaluation, even though no formal investigation was conducted by the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steeler's  response to the suspension came from team president, Art Rooney II by stating, "I agree and support the decision the commissioner made today"  There was no talk about appeals or filing lawsuits if things did not go their way, but simply the recognition that the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell  has the power to act in a way he sees fit, despite the fact his actions may not be in the best interest of your team.  This power is supported by NFL owners and was voted on by the NFL Players Association.

NEW ENGLAND:  Tom Brady has been hit with a 4 game suspension for his part in using  under inflated footballs in last season's playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts.  The NFL commissioned, Ted Wells to conduct a formal investigation into the matter and found, Brady to be uncooperative and destroying evidence, which lead to the suspension.  Unlike Roethlisberger, Brady appealed the suspension and has indicated he will file a federal lawsuit against the NFL.  Unlike Steeler president, Rooney who supported the decision on his QB,  New England owner, Robert Kraft is now crying that Wells' investigation was unfair even though he has already accepted punishment of a one million dollar fine and losses of the teams next first and fourth round draft picks.

In summary, one team decided to accept what was handed down by the commissioner and move on, while  the other team has decided to take the road to cry foul and threaten lawsuits.  If a law suit is conducted do not be surprised if New England coach, Bill Belichick is  dragged into this case, which is something he would prefer not to happen since he is already under the watchful eye of the NFL due to "Spygate."  Certainly, Roger Goodell does not do everything right, but when it comes down to dealing with the Patriots, maybe it is possible the commissioner is just tired of their cheating
and thinking they are above the rules.


Bootz Jones said...

the nfl got blurred vision going into every public or criminal issue and then it gets unblurred once they take a side that works more in their favor. they are disorderly all the way around

D.Rock Sports said...

That's cause each time follows their owners lead. The Steelers Rooney is all about taking responsibility while Kraft is all about "it wasn't us",. In the end New England,Kraft,and Brady got what they should have

macmil311 said...

How many chances do the Partriots think they deserve ?

KurtmaN6 said...

Nothing new for the Patriots, they always think they can do as they please and get away w/ it