Friday, July 31, 2015


As the 2015 football season is approaching, we read coaches comments about schedules  or school presidents talking of expanding their conference or even looking at the possibliity of moving to another conference altogether.  As I look at the five major conferences,there is only one that makes any sense.  which would be the PAC 12.  All the teams in the PAC 12 can identify with what the conference was to stand for, Pacific Athletic Conference.  Some may think that Arizona and Arizona State are not technically on the west coast, but I would classify them both as being close enough.  Now let us look at the other four major conferences and see which teams do not seem to fit with what the conferences were originally intended to look like.

ACC or Atlantic Coast conference
1.   Louisville     Not exactly what I would determine as being on or near the Atlantic coast.
2.   Notre Dame   They reap the benefits of what the ACC has to offer but only play 5 conference             games while the rest of the teams are playing 9.  Obviously they are not near the Atlantic coast

Big 10
1.   Maryland     Formerly from the ACC and by location, they should have stayed there
2.   Rutgers     Definitely more ACC  than the 2 schools mentioned above.
3.   Penn State     Location is borderline acceptable, but would be a better fit with eastern teams.

Big 12
1.   West Virginia     This may the worst for belonging to a conference so far away.  Traveling                    hundreds or thousands of miles for a game would appear to be a bit much.        

SEC or Southeast Conference
1.   Texas A&M     If the conference name was Southwest, I could understand that.
2.   Arkansas      Same story as stated for Texas A&M
3.   Missouri     Better suited to be playing with the Texas teams or possibly the Big 10

I know schools would never agree to this, but from a regional point of view, I would propose conference alignments to look something like this, beginning with adding a new conference:

1.   Boston College
2.   Central Florida
3.   Cincinnati
4.   Louisville
5.   Notre Dame
6.   Penn State
7.   Pittsburgh
8.   Rutgers
9.   South Florida
10.  Syracuse
11.  West Virginia

1.   Same current teams with these exceptions
2.   Drop    Boston College, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Syracuse
3.   Add     Central Florida, Maryland, Rutgers or South Florida

BIG 10
1.  Same current teams with these exceptions
2.   Drop     Maryland, Nebraska, Penn State, Rutgers
3.   Add     Missouri, Notre Dame

BIG 12
1.   Same current teams with these exceptions
2.   Drop     West Virginia
3.   Add     Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas A&M

1.   Same current teams with these exceptions
2.   Drop     Arkansas, Missouri
3.   Add     No teams would need to be added.

PAC 12
1.   Conference would need no changes

Some teams have been mentioned in more than one conference so it would come down to where they might be a better fir or number of teams that would end up in that conference.  Money and TV contracts are the force behind where teams want to play and I am sure many would not care to go along with my proposal, but from a regional and competitive nature, I would like to think these alignments would at least make more sense.



aaronjox11 said...

I've thought conferences needed a rework for a long time now. Some teams just don't belong where they are

WadeD1 said...

the expansion for some teams is just insane-crazy. schools want to be part of bigger conferences so much that they are willing to fly the team across the country for most away games. its nutty, especially if they have a subpar season


The Eastern Conference idea would be good. I wouldn't mind seeing Ark and Miz out of the sec either.

NAVYblue-02 said...

Notre Dame needs to pick a confrence or get out of playing sports altogether

Ohio State Sucks said...

One team that should be forced out of college football and have their school closed is Ohio State. They cheat and are boring to watch. Thank you.

theblitz78 said...

That wouldn't impact anything. Other teams still need to be changed to other conferences

berzerk101 said...

some of those changes make sense but colleges won't let them happen because they all about what gets them the most money and tv time

NAVYblue-02 said...

It might not get teams to move to the right conferences but forcing Notre Dame into one would be a good start; They need to be equal or don't play. PERIOD

TMooch2015 said...

That east coast conf. would be a fun one to see

C_Miloshki649 said...

They should switch it up and have the east coast teams go west and west coast teams go east