Monday, June 22, 2015


The 2015, US Open has come to an end.  A few good thoughts come to mind and as always there are the not so good to go along with them.

1.   Whether your favorite golfer was the winner or not, the finish to the tournament had to be one of the best and most exciting.

2.   Winning and leading scores were kept low.  Hate to see tournaments where the winning scores are high like 20 under par for example.

3.   The course played tough, which is what a major tournament challenge should be.

1.   USGA official, Mike Davis can defend the conditions of the greens, but overall the greens were not the best.  A golf course should be tough and challenging, but needs to be near perfect and most of all fair as well.

2.   I understand some of the players frustrations on the green conditions, but there were entirely too many complaints coming out.  After all, the conditions were the same for everyone and professionals in most cases can make the needed adjustments.

3.   Fox Sports paid 100 million dollars to broadcast the US Open and a reported 1.2 billion for a 12 year contract.  The USGA said they were looking for a "new energy" in rewarding Fox  this exclusive deal.  For me, I truly did not see this, "new energy"  So many times there were shots that no one knew where they ended up.  The final round was focused on, Jason Day, even after it was apparent he had dropped out of contention.  It was amusing that after Jason Day suffered his attack from vertigo and slowly made his way to complete the final hole, someone at Fox thought it would be a good idea to send, Greg Norman down from the tower for an interview with Day.  From Day's perspective, I seriously doubt he was interested in being interviewed as the medical staff was anxiously awaiting to  tend to his needs.  Lead announcer, Joe Buck should stick to baseball or whatever as his comments and innuendos were enough to cause boredom.  Personally, I will look forward to the upcoming British Open, when the CBS crew with Jim Nantz will be handling the telecasts.  Hard to imagine another 11 years of Fox doing the US Open.

4.   FAN VIEWING.....Thousands of fans paid good money and took the time to walk around the course to see good golf or their favorite players.  Truly a shame that many could not see much of what was going on since they were roped off in areas far away from the action.  USGA claimed this was for safety reasons, but maybe more consideration is in order, especially with a 1.2 billion windfall.



DalePro1000 said...

It was a Treacherous course. More than a few greens had breakoff points where the ball would just roll into ruff or sand or hazards. Golfers expressions were the best on these greens;)

harlonBBlk said...

Fox does Nascar the best but I'm not sure about golf yet

EagleOPS_1 said...

fox sports must have lots of blimps because i felt like i watched the whole tournament from aerial views

Sussamama said...

I don't watch a ton of golf but I didn't see much difference in the coverage. They still had the traditional British/Australian guy as one of the talkers

golf_ace_101 said...

Nothing exciting about the Fox broadcast. I felt more at home with the past network

Dudlee Mo said...

the background noise drove me crazyyyy. alls I hear was people talking. then birds. then people clapping. somebody needed to turn down the microfones

LowryZone255 said...

I thought the course made things more interesting but if I had to play those kind of conditions I would've walked out in the 1st round. P.S. FOX didn't add anything spectacular to the event