Saturday, June 20, 2015



BASEBALL..........A Rod got his 3000th hit.  Who cares !!!!!  This achievement is sure to get him into the PED users Hall of Fame.

BASKETBALL..........Now that the NBA finals have finally come to an end, I am left with one conclusion regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Cleveland will never win a NBA championship as long as LeBron James thinks  he is the coach of that team.  Players play and coaches coach so LeBron needs to decide which he wants to be.

GOLF..........US Open is going on but after the first 2 rounds, Tiger Woods is heading back home.
Woods insists he is making progress in fixing his game but scores of 85 and 74 at the Memorial, followed by his 2 rounds at the Open of 80 and 76, it appears Tiger is nowhere close to finding his game.  I really do not see what help his current coach, Chris Como and former coach. Sean Foley have been to do Woods any good.  I still think most of Woods'  problems may be mental and there is no swing coach to fix that.  Starting to feel a little sorry for him as it appears he is totally lost out on the course.  Let us hope his next 2 tournaments, the Greenbrier and the British open will have better results.
................Maybe it is just me, but Fox Sports taking over the US Open broadcasts is not all that impressive.  The USGA stated that the 100 million dollars they were getting from Fox had nothing to do with the Fox take over and it was only that they were looking for a "new energy."  Greg Norman
and Corey Pavin are okay. but lead commentator, Joe Buck is enough to put one to sleep.  So much for "new energy."  USGA can say all they want, but the bottom line is......MONEY TALKS

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NBA2Day said...

In addition to players play and coaches coach, owners own. And therefore Clevelands owner needs to remind Lebron of his role on HIS (the owners) team. If Lebron threatens to leave, so what? Its not like he's the answer to winning a championship cause it was the team playing opposite of Lebron that did the winning. Cleveland should be saying goodbye Lebron and hello Curry.

fishking1160 said...

no actual baseball fan can take Arod and his records seriously

realwarrior_2015 said...

Individual talent is good but team play wins championships. Check yourself LeBrannnn

dereko34 said...

I saw the usopen on the 3rd day and thought Tiger wasn't playing;I saw later that he was cut; His future looks closer to retirement after each event he plays

AMckesslr0 said...

Maybe Yankee fans still see Rodrigeuz as a ball player but I don't. In my vision they only play 8 players

Bobbleheadguy said...

I know Yankee fans that don't like AROD. They think he gives them a bad name.

REZneckr51 said...

James is the Not So Hot ticket evryone thought he'd be, maybe 1 day even he'll understand that

kb padre10 said...

A-ROD shouldn't be near a baseball diamond. he's a jerk off