Friday, May 1, 2015


For years we have heard how Manny Pacquaio has wanted to fight Floyd Mayweather.  Finally that day has come as the 2 fighters will get it on at the MGM in Las Vegas.  We cannot say why it took so long for this fight to take place, but one thing is for sure that all the media hype has made it one of the richest fights   to ever take place.  Maybe it was a brilliant marketing ploy to delay this fight so many years, just to drive up the market value.  The next question is whether the fight will turn out to be everything that is expected.  So many times in sports, there has been a let down in the final outcome of a match or game that has been highly hyped up by media.  Personally I think or at least hope that this fight will be all that is expected.

As with any big event, the talk is never ending as to who will win.  Las Vegas has Mayweather as an approximate 2 to 1 favorite and the so called experts appear to go along with that and possibly even more than 2 to 1.  Any way we look at it, Mayweather should win this fight, as the odds and opinions seem too great for , Pacquaio to overcome.  We would like for anyone to share in who they think will be the winner.  As for me, I never minded going against the odds of a strong favorite, so we will sort of reach out and pick.....PACQUAIO


DubLJ301 said...

Mayweather's got all the hype and sometimes that's enough to win a fight. I'd like to see Pacquiao KO him though

chase_pete 71 said...

I figure mayweather must be undefeated for some reason so if i had to pick i would take him

PSI Powerhouse said...

Your right. Mayweather is undefeated for a reason. The reason is because he put off fighting Pacq. He fought nobodies. Even Mike Tyson changed his mind on picking Mayweather. Look at Pacq's boxing awards compared to Mayweathers and youll see