Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Some people have spoken out against Roger Goodell and the NFL for the penalties that were handed down for the Deflategate incident.  QB, Tom Brady has been hit with a 4 game suspension and the Patriots lost  1st and 4th round draft picks in 2016 and 2017 respectively, along with a one million dollar fine.  So were the penalties too harsh or ridiculous as some, including the infamous, Donald Trump have indicated?  For the record, the assistant equipment guy and the officials locker room attendant have also been suspended for deflating the footballs.  Owner, Robert Kraft promised full cooperation for the investigation that was conducted by, Ted Wells, but did the Patriots truly cooperate??  Wells asked for a second  interview with the equipment assistant. but was denied.  Tom Brady was asked to produce his cell phone to look at text messages concerning the deflated footballs
and was denied,  It does not seem that there was full cooperation from the Patriots as promised.  Head coach, Bill Belichick was exonerated from having anything to do with the footballs, but if that was the case, then one has to ask why the Patriots got hit with the fines and loss of draft picks.  Maybe the NFL looked at the Patriots in the following ways??

1.  Tom Brady knew all about balls being deflated to his liking
2.  Bill Belichick may have informed the ball handlers to give Brady anything he asks for.
3.  NFL probably did not like the fact that they did not get the full cooperation as promised.
4.  Maybe the NFL was just getting tired of the Patriots name coming up when the topic of cheating
    would come to the surface.

Maybe some of these are true or maybe none are true, but it gives everyone a chance to think why the NFL came up with the latest penalties.  Owner, Robert Kraft has stated his relationship with Commissioner, Roger Goodell is "pretty much dead" and called the punishment "far exceeded any reasonable expectation."  I have to wonder how Kraft felt about Goodell when the NFL buried or burned the tapes when New England was involved in the infamous "Spygate" crime.  I guess that "freebie" wasn't appreciated.

It appears that the Patriots have this do whatever it takes to win mentality, that  was probably installed by Belichick.  One has to wonder what else the Patriots have done over the years to give them some sort of edge.  So back to our original question as to whether the penalties were justified.
As for Brady, he should have gotten an 8 game suspension, instead of 4.  Don't worry Patriot fans, your "Golden Boy" will probably get off with just 2 games.  As for the team, the million dollar fine is meaningless, but I am okay with the loss of draft picks.
JUSTIFIED PENALTIES........FOR SURE........Sorry Trump, but I can't go along with your opinion.


N64xpo gamer said...

the NFL may have gone to far but probably because they knew whatever punishment they gave would probably be reduced

gordo360 said...

They changed the outcome to 1 of thee biggest events in sports., Brady and the rest of them are lucky they didn't get more severe punishment

Saul-Bluez 99 said...

The PATS past and current actions would make me hold my wallet closer if I saw any of them on the street.

Airforce1 BR said...

Bellchecks past would imply that he knew about the ball deflating also. Wouldn't be surprised if the entire organization knew about it

thatch_787 said...

the patriots practice cheating more than they practice football

Frank the Tank said...

They was justified but I heard that Roger Goodell will be the one who listens to Tom Brady's appeal. Why is Roger Goodell ruling over the appeal? It seems corrupt