Thursday, May 28, 2015


From time to time a few things come about in the world of sports that we have some thoughts or comments about.  The following are a few of those topics and as usual we welcome and encourage your thoughts and opinions as well.

A Rod just broke the American League RBI record previously set by Lou Gehrig.

Who cares what a drug using individual accomplishes??

Ray McDonald was recently  arrested for domestic violence once again.  When
McDonald played for San Francisco, he was first arrested for domestic violence.
Some reason, local authorities decided not to prosecute and the NFL gave him a
clearance to continue to play.  The 49"ers decided they wanted no part of
McDonald's services any longer and cut him from the team.  The Chicago Bears
told everyone that McDonald was worthy of a second chance and signed him,
only to cut him  following his arrest for domestic violence once again.

Law enforcement, the NFL, and the Bears cleared McDonald for
his violent tendencies, while the 49'ers were the only ones to see McDonald for
the kind of guy, McDonald truly was. Congrats to the 49'ers.

It is reported that, Johnny Manziel  is working hard back with the Cleveland
Browns after completing his time in rehab.

I still do not think Manziel has the ability to lead a NFL team for
a whole season on a consistent basis.


Donald Trump continues to be much involved in the development of new courses
or the renovation of older ones.  His latest is the unveiling of his latest at Ferrys
Point, just outside of New York City,  Along with the renovation of the Doral
Blue course in Miami (Home of the Cadillac WGC) the Donald  has spared no
cost in what are described as true golf course gems. Any serious golfer would be
thrilled to have the opportunity to play any Trump course.
Hats off to Trump for his dedication to golf, but like many PGA
or resort courses, the average paying golfer may find the fees to be a bit pricey.

Ferrys Point greens fees will go for $215.00 plus tax....Doral's fees
from June 1 through September 30 are $250.00 plus $25.00 for caddy fee
(mandatory) along with a suggested $20.00 gratuity.  Of course additional taxes
may apply.  Not sure the experience is for everyone at those prices.

Rory McIlroy is currently the # 1 golfer in the world, which is something he has
earned.  At least his consistency over shadows all the rest.

As good as McIlroy is, he will win more tournaments and more
majors, but we do not feel he will be the type of a dominating factor.


Soon, the University of North Carolina basketball program will be getting hit with
sanctions stemming from their academic violations regarding classes and grades
from the African American Studies Department.  These violations go back as far
as 2006 when players attended no classes but received high grades just to keep
them eligible.   A policy that coach, Roy Williams claimed he knew nothing
about.  Not so sure I can believe that one but to date is unproven.

Sanctions are warranted in this case, but leave it to the NCAA to
punish the current players, who had nothing to do with what went on many years
ago, along with any other sanctions they may come up with.  Under the
questionable leadership  of Mark  "The Emperor" Emmert, the NCAA is known
for punishing those who were never involved.

NBA finals are now down to 2 teams...Golden State and Cleveland.

Our power ratings have had, Golden State as the highest all
season.  Our pick to win it all goes to....GOLDEN STATE



T. LAWMAN887 said...

Mcdonald and Arod should be lockked up!!! for different reasons but they should still be locked up!

Hayduk44 said...

I don't play golf unless there's a coupon for it. SInce i haven't seen any Trump Clipper Coupons recently, and even if i did i doubt they would gimme $150 Off, i probably won't be playing any of his courses too soon.

SportsjunkiE said...

North Carolina and many other schools secretly violating college sports rules and regulations deserve punishment but the n-c-a-a is not the one who should be giving it

Gilsh5101 said...

I'd like to see GOLDEN STATE win it all. I hope they can keep up the scoring

tom_NC_8 said...

The NFL needs to round up players like McDonald and put them out of the league. ACtions like his shouldn't be tolerated any more

2sup pedro said...

ARODS only record is a criminal one

Avrabodas said...

True that

DeMerzS6 said...

No, I don't believe coupons like that exist. If they did, I would have found them by now

NFLiate 2015 said...

the drama is in part of the money making busines of the nfl. I dontt see players bein rounded up soon since they influence nationwide attention

KenWyls292 said...

Put the NCAA in jail!

teeup mitch said...

Trumps courses got several write ups in my golf magazines. They are all top quality but the prices are too steep for me. I whiff and lose half dozen balls on cheapo courses so Id easily triple that on his courses

Zackusraw said...

I'm sticking with Cleveland as my team. I used to live there so I can't change now

veeej-4023 said...

NOO doubts about that

bigdaddyjetsfan said...

So you think the NFL gains from more drama? They would be putting their jobs at risk. That doesn't make snese



Roscoe cc309 said...

I like Golden State too. But Cleveland got Jaaaaaaames

BlueChip_JP said...

A-rod's record breaking news is pitiful but the people reporting it as news are worse

Jeffers1986 said...

Believe or not but I like Woods or Mcilroy to win the next golf tourney. They aren't playing the best but are quietly hovering around competitors. I think either of them could break through in the next tourney