Sunday, April 5, 2015


Kentucky was 38-0 going into the semi final game last night against Wisconsin.  Many thought that record would go to 39-0 and the Wildcats would be one game away from a perfect season.  After all, the Kentucky team was made up of many "Parade All Americans" so to many, the expectations were nothing less than a perfect undefeated season.  This team was so good, that some made ridiculous  statements that Kentucky could play in the NBA.  Yes, Kentucky was pretty much an all star team, but all that meant little to Wisconsin as they ended the Wildcat's dream season with a 71-64 win.  It is sad in some ways to watch a team's season come to an end.  For some (mostly Kentucky fans) it can be devastating.  For the most part, Kentucky players were well mannered, well spoken, and not cocky, so for some it was hard to root against them.  For others, and probably a majority of basketball fans, there were several reasons to root against the Wildcats.  A few of those reasons might be:

  For many fans, we seem to lean towards rooting for the underdog.  Kentucky was never the underdog all season.
  After Kentucky barely got by Notre Dame, 68-66, Calipari in his post game interview stated on how his team played poorly.  Maybe that was true, but there was no mention on the Irish playing an outstanding game and had every chance to win.
  When Calipari was asked about his preparation for the upcoming game with the Badgers, he stated that they did not view any tapes on Wisconsin and wanted his team to focus on themselves.  If Kentucky did not know themselves by now, then maybe they should have watched tapes of Wisconsin.
  When West Virginia was about to play Kentucky in the "Sweet 16," a WVU Freshman player predicted that Kentucky would be getting their first loss.  Kentucky won easily, 78-39 and many said that  statement was a motivation for the Kentucky players  to run up the score.  No players can run up any score in a basketball game if the coach does not allow it.
  Maybe many basketball fans were tired of seeing, Ashley Judd being shown at the games so much.
Funny I don't recall seeing her last night during the Wisconsin game.
  Apparently Kentucky fans and players were so spoiled in winning that he had no idea on how to act if they would lose.  When a reporter asked Kentucky player, Karl-Anthony Towns about how it was trying to defend, Frank Kaminsky, teammate, Andrew Harrison could be heard muttering "F _ _ _ that N_ _ _ _."  He later apologized to Kaminsky for his poor choice of words   Half of the Kentucky players did not go through the end of the game hand shake line.  I guess they just did not know how to say "good game" after losing for the first time.   Kentucky fans in Lexington spent the night setting fires, breaking whatever they couldn't burn and chanting "F_ _ _ Wisconsin."  I thought fire setting would normally go with a big win as opposed to a devastating loss and apparently using the "F" word is commonly used by Kentucky fans.

Kentucky had a great team this season and no doubt they will be back in the championship picture next year.  More Parade All Americans will be recruited as they see playing for Kentucky as their ticket to the NBA, but they should not expect many fans outside of Kentucky rooting for them.  Maybe it is not all that bad to do things the way Wisconsin coach, Bo Ryan does things in having a few seniors on his team.  Whether you are a devastated Kentucky fan or a fan that was glad to see the mighty Wildcats fall, one thing is for certain..........THERE ARE NO "PERFECT" COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAMS THIS YEAR.

Congrats to Duke on their 81-61 win over Michigan State in the other semi final game.  The  championship game with Duke and Wisconsin should be a great match up.  For the record, our ratings would have this game as a.........PICK EM


Gr8Orioles said...

Truly CLASSY UK Wildcats.

Tremblay_460 said...

maybe the rioters were badger fans dressed in wildcats clothing? or maybe UK fans are just stupid

DC Sethman360 said...

Kentucky Fans React. . . Now That's What I Call Pure Frustration. Nice Job Badgers

franky b said...

I knew they couldn't hold it together for the whole season. Of course I was talking about the team but the fans proved they couldn't either

swizzbeatzz411 said...

All Kentucky's winning was great but at the end of the season it doesn't matter if they don't win every thing.

Aviators997Div said...

So Kentucky loses and destroys their city? I'm not making the connection here.

TRIPL3-AC3S said...

Ya F Wisconsin for being a top team that Kentucky hasn't had to play all year !# haha those fans are hilarious

aaron j ox said...

Kentucky has blue grass but there fans must all smoke the green grass

Listen2mydemo said...

Wildcats turned Mildcats against those Badgers!