Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Going into last Saturday there were four teams left to compete for the NCAA basketball championship.  Fans displayed high hopes for their respective teams and emotions were sure to run high.  After the 2 semi final games Saturday and the championship game last night, everyone by now knows that Duke is this years national champion.  Congrats to the Blue Devils but our comments are more about the 3 losing teams.

MICHIGAN STATE..........Spartans lost 81-61 to eventual champion, Duke.  Coach Izzo ws graceful in defeat and complimentary to the Duke team.

KENTUCKY...............The perennial favorite that was upset by Wisconsin, 71-64.  Calipari did not have much to say except for pointing out a play that allowed Wisconsin 2 points on a basket that was clearly after the shot clock had run out.  He was right in his assessment and the officials definitely missed the call.  However, in regards to the officials, Calipari did not seem to mind when his player, Trey Lyle got away with an obvious flagrant one foul that would have given Wisconsin 2 shots and possession.  There are some things coaches will remember and some things they choose to forget.
          Player, Aaron Harrison got national attention when he was heard muttering "F_ _ _                that N_ _ _ _ " in reference to a question  regarding Wisconsin player, Frank Kaminsky.  For the record, he later apologized.
          Then there is the Kentucky fans who in defeat chose to light up and burn their town of Lexington, while chanting " F_ _ _ W_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _."  Property damage is never a good thing, but usually is related to winning a  big game as opposed to losing.  No doubt that intelligence did not prevail in the acts of those Kentucky students.
          Kentucky players chose not to go through the traditional hand shake line following the game and headed straight for the locker room.

WISCONSIN..........Great game to watch and close all the way until near the very end.  Highly respected Wisconsin coach, Bo Ryan had some comments after the game that most were surprised the words came from him.  He made some reference to how the game was called and how his team never had to play under those conditions.  He referred to a lot of bumping and a physical  nature that no calls were made against Duke.  I guess Bo did not seem to mind that only 2 fouls were called against his team during the first half,  He did not seem to mind that it was Duke's top gun, Jahill Okafor who only played 22 minutes due to being in foul trouble,  He also did not seem to mind that another Duke player, Justise Winslow spent most of the game in foul trouble as well.  Ryan also made a statement that he grows his team from within and does not adhere to the "rent a player" approach,  Clearly a shot at Duke coach K and Kentucky coach Calipari on players they recruit and leave for the NBA after a year or two.  Come on BO, we all know you are better than the way you came across after losing.  A credit goes out to the Wisconsin fans, who took to the streets of Madison to celebrate their teams success this year despite losing the championship game.  Unlike Kentucky fans, Badger fans chose not to burn their town or destroy property.  Intelligence must have prevailed.

Losing is never easy, especially when high goals are so close to achieving.  Some losers take the high road and accept  defeat graciously, while others cannot hide their bitterness.


Fredrico V. said...

Kentucky fans/players reactions made national news. They deserve a dunce cap award

Van Zant 123 said...

A lot of people are complaining about the tournament,,including Kentucky fans but I thought it was a thriller. I never got bored like previous years

wild_wallaby said...

Must have been a long ride home for UK and their fans.ha ha ha

Stevo1128 said...

Kentuckys coach Calipari was probably on the phone with new recruits on the plane ride home.

jaxonmvp441 said...

why complain if ur the wisconsin coach?? they won right? I'm confident I saw the entire game and they won. so don't complain

Bobbleheadguy said...

Sorry for the loss Kentucky but the badgers had to take a bite out of your streak

nunzio25 said...

Boo hoo wildcats...close but not enough

WMcCheeze said...