Friday, April 3, 2015


After missing the cut in Phoenix and a withdrawal at Torrey Pines several weeks ago, Tiger Woods is back.  MAYBE.  At least the plane has landed as Woods showed up at Augusta for a practice round or two, before finally deciding if he will play in this years major event.  Reports have been coming out on Woods, that he is getting that "edge" back and working on his game, especially his chipping, has been solid.  All of this has taken place on his home course in Florida, but to loyal Tiger fans, there is reason to at least be optimistic that he is close to being ready for Augusta.  Golf analyst, Brandel Chamblee contends that there is no possible way that Wood could have straightened out his chipping game in this short period of time.  Woods is a professional. so personally I feel that he certainly could improve on his short game since Torrey Pines and in addition, I have no interest in anything, Brandel Chamblee thinks or has to say.  There is no love lost between Chamblee and Woods, so I would never expect anything positive coming from Chamblee when he speaks of Woods.
Besides, what has Chamblee ever accomplished to be able to evaluate any pro golfer??

Now getting back to the original question as to Woods being ready for Augusta.  Is it possible that Tiger has improved on his chipping??  YES.....  Is it possible that practicing on his home course without any distractions can be beneficial???MAYBE.....On the other hand, playing on his home course is not even close to taking on Augusta.  Large crowds, TV cameras, the excitement of a MAJOR tournament, is tremendously different than the quietness and familiarity of being at home.
Along with Tiger's many loyal fans, I do wish him the best if he decides to compete at Augusta.  However, I am afraid that another performance like he had at, Torrey Pines could be devastating to his future in golf. answer    to Woods being ready to take on Augusta????  Sad to say

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