Friday, April 10, 2015


After walking off the 11th hole at Torrey Pines a couple months ago, Tiger Woods declared that his game was not suitable for tournament golf.  He was right.  Woods passed on several of his favorite tournaments at Doral, Bay Hill, and Innisbrook just to name a few, to get his game back in shape.  His chipping around the greens resembled something more like my game and believe me that is not a good thing.  Woods stayed  and practiced on his home course in Florida and some reports were coming out that he was getting that "edge" back, which I have to admit I am not sure what that meant. After a lengthy lay off, Tiger announced that he would play in the Masters at Augusta.  Truly was a bold decision on his part to test his game at a "major" event.  I honestly felt that another withdrawal  from a tournament or missing the cut could spell disaster for his future in golf.  All that being said, it is good to say that there are reasons to be happy for Woods.  A few of those are:

Woods shoots a one over par 73 on opening day of the Masters.  Not great. but a tremendous improvement compared to where his game was.  He bailed himself out of trouble on several occasions and it was his questionable chipping that played a big part in that.

Round two was even better as Woods carded a three under 69 to leave him at two under par for the tournament.  Once again, his questionable chipping appeared to be solid.

At two under par, Tiger Woods will not win the Masters as he is 12 strokes behind the leader, Jordan Spieth.  No Woods will not win but most important he made the cut, which means so much as he tries to get his game back on track.

This week at Augusta, Woods appears more relaxed.  When did you ever see him interact with spectators on the practice range or the course as he has been this week.  The competitiveness is there but the tenseness  is no where near what it used to be.  His mannerism is more human, less robotic and what appears to be a positive characteristic.

The most important reason to be happy for Tiger is that he proved one golf analyst wrong once again.
Yes I am referring to none other than the hot aired, big mouth, Brandon Chamblee.  Chamblee was strong in his opinion that there was "no possible way" that Tiger Woods could straighten out his chipping game in a short period of time before playing in the Masters.  Keep in mind that Chamblee rarely has anything good to say about Woods, so his comments were not of any surprise.  I am sure Woods may not feel his short game is where he would like it to be, but for 2 days it has been more than enough to prove Chamblee wrong.  If anyone takes time to read or listen to anything Chamblee has  to say, then I would say they just lost a few valuable moments of their time.  As a former golfer and present day analyst, Chamblee has offered nothing to the game of golf.  He will not go away as we all know he loves to hear himself talk, but on this day it is nice to see Tiger Woods prove him wrong.

An improved game, a more personable individual, and proving the mediocre "analyst" wrong are just a few reasons for feeling a little bit happy for, Tiger Woods.  For Tiger's sake, I hope they continue.


Sambo209 said...

I'm a current golfer as much as Chamblee is a former golfer,, can I be a commentator? I have atleast the same amount of golf knowledge as he does

roadrunner11 said...

a glimpse of old Tiger was good to see. I don't know if he'll be able to keep it up but I guess time will tell.

RF DUTCHMAN1 said...

That's the best round I seen outta him in a long time.

JTL2015 said...

Speeth ruled the masters but Tiger had the look back. He lost it for so long I forgot what it looked like

haskell04 said...

it'll be interesting to see if he can hang out to what he left the masters with. if he can't its going to be a long golf season for him