Saturday, March 7, 2015


It took 8 years for the NCAA to complete an investigation on the Syracuse athletic program.  As a result, basketball coach, Jim Boeheim will be suspended for 9 ACC games next season, forfeit 108 wins, and lose 12 scholarships over the next 4 years.  Violations involved monies paid by a booster, failure of drug testing and academic eligibility.  We are focusing on the academic part as several things noted in the investigation caught out attention.  In regards to academics the NCAA found these violations:

1.  The director of basketball operations and the basketball facility receptionist "engaged in unethical conduct when they completed academic coursework on behalf" of a basketball player to help restore his eligibility.
2.  Student-athletes and a part time tutor committed "unethical conduct and engaged in academic fraud" when the students failed to complete and internship at the YMCA and misrepresented the work they did there as required for the completion of the class.
3.  Britton Barnowsky, chief hearing officer for the NCAA, stated "the rules pretty clear, the head coach has a duty to monitor activities in his program"

So Syracuse committed these violations among others and Boeheim is being held accountable, but what about North Carolina,  who were basically doing the same thing but will never receive any punishment for their cheating ways.  North Carolina allowed student-athletes to enroll in African-American studies courses and never had to do any work or even attend those classes, while receiving full credit.  10 basketball players in 2005 (THEIR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON)  had African-American studies as their major and never went to any classes.  In other words, their academic college career was nothing less than fraudulent.  The African-American Studies Department no longer exists and no basketball player has taken those courses beyond 2009.  For that reason, the NCAA cannot issue sanctions against North Carolina because there is a 4 year statue of limitation rule that applies.  Based on the limitations, it is almost like the NCAA saying these violations never took place.

By comparison, Syracuse will lose 12 scholarships and North Carolina loses nothing.
Jim Boeheim is suspended for 9 games and forfeits 108 wins due to the use of  academic ineligible players.  North Carolina coach, Roy Williams has all of his wins secure, including their national championship, even though academic fraud took place to keep his players eligible.  Boeheim knew what was going on with his players and although Williams has claimed all along that he knew nothing about the academic fraud involving his players, do not believe that for one second.  Syracuse and Boeheim cheated and got caught.  North Carolina and Williams cheated and got away with it.

Things are all fine in Carolina, but every time you see Roy Williams on TV, stop and think for a moment, exactly what that man truly stands for.


marxman112 said...

Anything consistent does not take place in the NCAA. The NCAA is makes up their own rules and they apply them when it serves their best interests, or when it benefits their friends, or when they are "COMPENSATED" to rule a specified way

Jason Derbz 901 said...

Agreed!! The foundation of the NCAA is INCONSISTENCY.